I’m Shannon Kinney-Düh, and I created A Free Spirit Life as a place of exploration and celebration for women who are looking to live a more authentic life.  To learn more about me, visit here.

I offer holistic life coaching, online courses and an online monthly circle for women who want to live a life feeling more connected and less distracted.  I help women who want to break free from self-doubt and fear, rediscover their true nature and make their dreams real.  I inspire women to reawaken to their inner wisdom, to relearn how to trust themselves, and to find the courage to follow their hearts.

If you feel disconnected from what matters most to you and distracted by the demand of daily life, then you’re in the right place.
It is safe to be the real you here.

I also write a blog and host a podcast, where you will find inspiration on living a free spirit life.

You are are welcome here.

The Live Freely Circle is a sacred and safe place where women, like you, come together to explore, discover, dream and create the life most inline with their true nature.

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Taking a personal wellness course is a wonderful way to learn more about yourself.

My online courses are designed to be self-paced so that you can enjoy them on your own time and when it’s convenient for you.  Visit here to learn more about my self-discovery and creativity courses.

Life coaching is a powerful practice that will change your life.

Personal life coaching sessions help you break free of the obstacles that are keeping you from living a more vibrant, joyful, creative and purposeful life.  To learn more about my personal coaching sessions, visit here.

I am learning that everything I do is based in love. And committing to creation, whether by myself or with my kids and friends, is the most effective way to create love in my life. I’ve finally, for the first time EVER, found a way around procrastination and guilt – and I am full. I can’t thank you enough for this experience!



What an absolutely beautiful experience this class has been to me … it truly opened me up wide! Shannon, you are a beautiful spirit and the way you presented your heartfelt lessons to us each and every day was perfect! I know I will miss being here in this space, but have a journal full of wonderful ideas, moments, quotes, dreams, and so much more to refer back to over and over again.

Donna Wynn

Virginia Beach

I have gone through periods of doubting my own intuition, not listening to my voice, not believing I am a creative person, or that I can create my own life and live it happily not worrying about other’s opinions. Since taking “Inside Out” I am learning to trust my own voice more. I am finding my self, my community, and my own special creative life.



I had a fabulous time in Inside Out and it gave me the courage to start taking small steps. I began with some e-courses to explore my creativity and to find out what I enjoyed. I have now started dancing classes and am having great fun. I’m living more in the moment and exploring my inner child is fun! Without Inside Out I would not have started this journey and I love it. Thank you so much, Shannon!



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You are a creative being. Nurture your creativity to awaken to an authentic, more peaceful life.

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