What is a Free Spirit Life?

It is a life of exploration, observation and gratitude. It is laughter, love and peace. It is connecting with your inner creativity and sharing your unique gifts with the world. It is a life of mindfulness and balance in the middle of everyday chaos.

A Free Spirit Life is a sacred space to celebrate who you are and who you are becoming.  We offer e-courses, resources and an online community that supports your growth, creative awakening and personal transformation.

You’re welcome here. Let’s live a Free Spirit Life together.


Slow down and see the world around you. Observe your thoughts and notice how you feel. Explore your life. Enjoy the blog, inspiration and meet your guide.


Now is your time to live with more joy, ignite your creativity and cultivate the courage needed to live an authentic, imperfect and more peaceful life! CLICK HERE to learn more about this life-changing program. Registration for Inside Out: A Creative Adventure of Self-Discovery is NOW OPEN!


You matter. You belong. You are not alone. We are on this journey of exploration together and we need each other. Live freely with us. Join our community, retreat and connect with Shannon.

Living a Free Spirit Life: mindfulness, creativity & gratitude

The Power of Circle

The Power of Circle

In today’s note I’m excited to officially invite you to join the Live Freely Circle – my all new, virtual support circle and monthly membership for women – like you. After years of leading classes online, teaching yoga classes and workshops in studios, life-coaching and mentoring groups and individuals, I have seen time and time… read more!

What is self-care anyway? 5 Helpful Tips

What is self-care anyway? 5 Helpful Tips

Recently I led our A Free Spirit Life Community in an 8-day self-care challenge.  The transformation over that extended week was powerful. Today, I’d like to share a few tips from our first day’s lesson – The Mindset Shift – Nurturing Your Mind. I’ll cover what self-care really means, why it’s so vital to living a… Continue Reading

What others are saying; raves & reviews! (Visit here to read more.)

“I am learning that everything I do is based in love. And committing to creation, whether by myself or with my kids and friends, is the most effective way to create love in my life. I’ve finally, for the first time EVER, found a way around procrastination and guilt – and I am full. I can’t thank you enough for this experience!” Shannon, Colorado

“What an absolutely beautiful experience this class has been to me . . . it truly opened me wide up! Shannon, you are a beautiful spirit and the way you presented your heartfelt lessons to us each and every day was perfect! I know I will miss being here in this space, but have a journal full of wonderful ideas, moments, quotes, dreams and so much more to refer back to over and over again.” Donna Wynn, Virginia Beach

“I have gone through periods of doubting my own intuition, not listening to my voice, not believing I am a creative person or that I can create my own life and live it happily not worrying about other’s opinions. Since taking “Inside Out” I am learning to trust my own voice more. I am finding my self, my community and my own special creative life." Karen, Washington


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The Free Spirit Community: your path is personal, but it doesn't have to be lonely

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