Show Up & Shine Coaching

You love your life, most days.

Then there are those days when you feel lost, confused, depleted and overwhelmed.

You are on a path of awakening and mindfulness.

Yet sometimes you...

* still put your needs last.

* you feel stuck and want to break free.

* you stay awake worrying about your future.

* your energy is low and you want to feel more vibrant and live.

* you have creative ideas and dreams but don't know how to make time for them in your life.

* you want to take better care of yourself.

* you are ready to move beyond living in an overwhelmed, stressed state and instead step more fully into your own power.

* you are ready to burst through your fear and create a life more connected to peace, presence and a sense of purpose.

You are ready to Show Up & Shine!

Here are a few ways Show Up & Shine Coaching Sessions can help you:


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Inside Out: create a life you love living every day

Laugh, Play, Love: awaken the creativity inside your heart and fill your life with love and laughter

The Creativity Toolkit: you can live freely each and every day


The Free Spirit Community: your path is personal, but it doesn't have to be lonely

The Free Spirit Retreat: imagine stepping out of your everyday life just to explore creativity

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