owl wise

I haven’t blogged much this past month as I’m diving deep with another session of life-explorers in Inside Out. There is so much creative energy going on in our class space – I am blown away. And once again I feel so grateful that I left a job I was holding onto several years ago, so that I could pursue what I love and create and work from home with my kids!

I’m taking a quick break from playing with paint and cleaning up messes around the house, (seriously – how do kids get everything so sticky!?) to share with you an interview I recently had the privilege to be part of with Kelly Dahl, life coach and creator of Perched to Fly.

Shannon Kinney-Duh on The Fulfilling Life from Kelly Dahl on Vimeo.

Also, my friend Shawn is offering her Awesomely Awake e-course for Mama’s again. If you are interested, visit Awesomely Awake for all the details.  You have until Sunday to register!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, full of love, FUN and rest somewhere in between.


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