Photos by Chris Duh.

Happy February!  Today marks the first day of my Laugh Play Love month-long challenge .  (I hope you will join me!)  I’m setting an intention for the next 29 days to laugh more, play more and love more.  It seems like those things should just come naturally.  But I find that when I get bogged down with “to do’s” and obligations, well I can get too busy and serious, and let my desire to conquer the tasks pretty much suck the fun right out of my day.

I need to laugh more.  I need to play more.  And I know that when I do that – the side effects are super positive.  I’m happier, I give and receive more freely, and it just makes the day-to-day living WAY MORE FUN.

The other day I was filming my weekly check-in video for the current Inside Out e-course group, and we transformed the bedroom into my podcast studio.  We included the boys in the production, because let’s face it, they ARE my production team.  They helped with the set-up and Kestan counted down…





They made me laugh. It was playful. And we all had fun.

I thought I’d share an excerpt from the video I recorded for my e-course group since I talk a little about why I created the Laugh Play Love challenge.

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Your Personal Reflection:  How can you make your daily “to do’s” and obligations a little more fun and playful?


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