blossom magazine (& winners announced!)



I am beyond thrilled to be a contributor for the lovely magazine, Blossom, created by Amy Butler!

Issue #2 went LIVE today.  You can view it using the link below:

Blossom Magazine Issue #2

The intention of Blossom Magazine is to celebrate your authentic journey and to inspire you to live the life you’re meant to by creating love, expressing beauty and being kind.  You will find it is 230 pages FULL of that love, beauty and kindness through amazing photography, creative inspiration and personal reflections.  Truly, this magazine is a complete work of art and I’m honored to be included (see me on pages 206 – 213).  (And check out the beautiful ad my awesome graphic designer and friend created on page 213!)

final-mothering-with-heart-ecourse-200 I’m also SO excited about the launch of my Mothering with heART e-book that I’m offering 5 free copies in a random drawing!

To enter this simple give-away:





The 5 winners of the random drawing for a FREE copy of Mothering with heART are:


Caroline, Amy, Tophat, Lori and Noelle!

(Email me for details on how to receive your free copy.)


You can also purchase your own copy of Mothering with heART.  I’m extending the special price going on now through March 15th, 2014.  Visit HERE for details.

Be well and keep creating a life YOU love!



39 Responses to blossom magazine (& winners announced!)

  1. Yay!!!! I’ve taken the “free spirit life” class, and would love to take ” mothering with heART”.
    Sounds like an amazing book!

  2. I love observing the beauty of nature in the big things, little things, ever-changing things. It really is incredible. Twitter and FB are covered, of course. Hugs to you! That magazine is beautiful!

  3. Hi Shannon,
    What a generous giveaway. You share SO much light in the world. I’m going to share your giveaway on my FB page. 🙂 I like you on FB as Gerri Smalley Illuminations and of course follow you on Twitter too.
    Loving all the family photos, you seem joyous and blessed!!

  4. I love my journey with all of its hills and valleys. I love yoga with and without my kiddos. I love to watch the sunrise with a cup of tea.

    • Hi Tyson,
      Oh yes…yoga is on the top of my list, too, and most of the time these days it is shared with my children. I even take the baby with me to mommy/baby yoga. 🙂 Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.

  5. I love everything from the simplest of things to the amazingly beautiful miracles in life. I love my daughter and the way she depends on me to love her, care for her, and guide her. I love watching her learn and grow as she is only 16 months. I love my husband and our deep connection, and most of all how much he loves our daughter. I love a nice walk on the beach just the three of us. There is nothing better than enjoying each other’s company while we laugh and play in the beautiful warm sunlight. Those are the best days. I love being happy because I am grateful for what I have. We may not be the wealthiest family, we may not be able to take an extravagant vacation every year, or drive fancy cars, but we do have so many wonderful things and we are blessed. Because of all this, I love life.

  6. What a great looking book! I am enjoying the process of connecting better to myself and thus becoming a better parent! I am loving the adventure!

  7. I love sharing my life with my baby (a toddler now) as we grow and experience life. Every second is an amazing, loving adventure.

  8. not sure if this is closed but I love everything about life. I especially am enjoying spring, today we have lots of rain, which is unusual here in Utah.

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