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It’s a 5-week e-course for women in every stage of life.  (You do NOT have to be a mom to take this course.)

This 5-week online experience helps you overcome fear so that you can make a leap towards living a more authentic life.  You will learn tools, techniques and gain inspiration on ways to connect more deeply to your intuition, to nurture your creativity and to cultivate the courage and trust it takes to make your dreams real.
You already have all the answers.  Inside Out just helps you remember…

Through art, journaling, simple yoga, guided meditation and connection to a private, international community, you will reconnect to and explore the wisdom within – the place that is there to guide you in life.  You will celebrate your unique brilliance and learn how to trust your intuition so you can create a life aligned with your values, gifts and purpose.

Living a life from the inside out helps you create a life you love living every day.



* is looking for connection to meaning and purpose

* is wanting to express their true gifts and be of service to the world

* believes they aren’t creative (but secretly longs to be)

* needs a creative jolt of inspiration

* feels scattered, rushed, stressed, exhausted or overwhelmed

* is ready to release emotional & mental clutter to regain more energy for what matters most

* wants a deeper connection with a like-minded community from around the world

* is interested in learning & practicing techniques for slowing down and letting go

* is ready to cultivate their inner dreams and creative goals

* is ready to face fears, let go of “perfect”, surrender to self-doubt and build the courage to live your dreams

* is longing for stillness

* is wanting to eliminate outward distractions to live more connected to intuition, creativity & authenticity

* is interested in art journaling (beginners and advanced artists welcome!)

* is wanting to embrace the present moment & feel more contentment in life

* is ready for some fun & adventure!





new-inside-out-me-pageThirteen years ago, I was living in Boulder, Colorado, surrounded by the most amazing nature. To this day, I still get so much of my inspiration from the mountains. I can smell a Ponderosa Pine and feel like I’ve just gone to heaven.

When I was living there, I was struggling to find my place in the world. My mantra was “I’m not good at anything.”  (Self-doubt consumed me and I was a pro at negative self-talk!) Then a beautiful soul entered my life and she introduced me to The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron.

We gathered five amazing women, and for 12-weeks, we dove deeply into the book. Every week we took turns leading each other in creative experiences. Sometimes we felt vulnerable. Sometimes our fears and worries were exposed. We discovered new things about each other and ourselves.  The community we built together changed us all in profound ways.

It took a lot of practice, but soon my not good at anything and not good enough mantras changed. I started believing in myself, and discovered a whole new world of positivity, expansion and endless possibilities.

I learned how vital it was to my health and well-being to nurture my creativity.  I learned methat the more creative flow I experienced, the more connected I felt to my inner peace and wisdom.  And learning how to let go of “perfect” so that I could embrace the beautiful process of creating, rather than obsess about the outcome, taught me that enriching my creativity has a deep relation to my own happiness.

I learned that intuition is my guide in life, and by expressing myself through writing and art in playful, simple, IMPERFECT ways, that I can discover the courage it takes to listen to, follow and TRUST my intuition – and ultimately how to “be myself”.

This trust led me down a new path. I moved back to the Midwest. A five-year relationship came to an end. I dove deeply into all forms of creative expression. I journaled like crazy. And I discovered yoga and meditation.  Soon after, I found my husband and we’ve been married now almost 12 years and we have been blessed with the amazing gift of raising three boys together.
_MG_4581I’ve been a yoga teacher for over 12 years (I’m a holistic life coach, too) and have embraced the teachings of yoga as part of my lifestyle.  For me, yoga is about celebrating the present moment, connecting more deeply to my heart center, learning to be flexible and living life with gratitude and compassion.

Practicing yoga has also taught me that I am the creator of my life.  I now know that everything in my external world is a reflection of my internal world.

Yoga taught me that everything in life is a symbol and the more I become an observer of my thoughts and a witness to my present moment life, the more I can free my spirit of negativity and limitations and the more I can a live full of joy, purpose and service.

Now that I’m a mother, I get lots of practice in letting go, staying flexible and going with the flow.  It’s hard to do – that’s why I say I get lots of “practice”.  Because I stumble and fumble along the way – pretty much on a daily basis.

I see how fast my kids are growing and how fast life is zooming by, and this awareness helps me surrender to fear and choose love more often.  When I choose love I can mindfully walk through my fear so I don’t get consumed by doubt, worry, regret and hesitation, and instead I can keep creating the life I’m meant to live.

I am passionate about inspiring YOU to do the same.

When you take time to journey within, the more connected you will feel to your own peace and happiness.

Inside Out is more than an e-course; it’s a way of life.

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Because I want YOU to live the life you dream of living. 

I created this course because it truly is a culmination of my years and years of experience teaching, seeking, observing, reflecting, creating and connecting.  I have an inner fire that drives me to inspire others to live more boldly, fully and freely.  When I learn something that brings more peace and joy into my life, I naturally want to share those teachings with others.  And I LOVE bringing other amazing women – like YOU – together where we can connect, grow and support each other while we dream, create and find our courage!  It’s YOU that inspires and teaches me something new about life every day.





  • discover more about your true self
  • set powerful intentions for your life
  • define the lifestyle you love & learn how to live it
  • learn relaxation techniques
  • gain clarity and feel more creative
  • play with paint, doodle and collage
  • embrace the artist in you (we all have one!)
  • turn a blank journal into a vibrant life guidebook
  • feel more creative
  • find your inner courage
  • reconnect to your intuition
  • celebrate joyful, peaceful, mindful living
  • connect with new friends from all over the world
  • and so much more…





  • daily writing, art and creative play exercises
  • art journaling tips and techniques
  • NEW weekly audio guided meditations
  • NEW weekly videos
  • weekly yoga tips and breath work
  • weekly LIVE journal jam sessions
  • online access to a private e-course blog (where you’ll receive daily posts)
  • online membership to a private, ongoing community of life explorers (from all over the world)
  • group life coaching
  • creative inspiration
  • and so much more…


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Class runs for 5-weeks. However, you get to enjoy the course at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home…all while connecting with a wonderful online community.  

And don’t worry…being a mother of three I know how busy our daily lives are!  I give you the weekends off AND the e-course material is always available an additional 4-weeks after our last day of class.

Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what Kim from White Mountain, Alaska, had to say about her Inside Out experience:

This course is like a hot bath, a glorious sunrise and a delicious meal, all rolled into one. It gave me strategies to help me relax, see goodness, make the most of my energy and appreciate others. Best of all, Shannon helped me do this from the inside out, so that changes are personal, considered and full of hope. That this type of activity and support is offered online, world wide, is testament to Shannon’s vision and compassion, not to mention her masterful organization and support. The Inupiat Eskimos have a word for hello that translates, “continue to be – because the way you are is good.” That’s how this class made me feel.

Visit free spirit raves to read more insight from past Inside Out graduates.

This audio book will include a collection of reflections, journal prompts & guided meditations from our class.  This will allow you the opportunity to listen to your favorite inspirations from Inside Out over and over again beyond our scheduled time together.

Next course dates – September, 2015!

Contact Shannon with any questions.