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Live life from the inside out.  Create a life you love living every day.

You already have all the answers. Inside Out just helps you remember…

Inside Out is an 8-week online experience…a journey of exploration and healing…for women of all ages. Women who want to overcome fear and live an authentic life of peace, joy, and creativity. Women who want to be inspired, connect deeply with their inner heart, and cultivate the courage and trust needed to bring their dreams to life.  Women who are tired of running on empty or living with stress and overwhelm, but instead want to regain balance and live with intention.


Email Shannon at if you would still like to join!
Are you…
    • looking for connection, meaning and purpose?
    • longing to express your true gifts and be of service to the world?
    • secretly longing to be creative but not sure you are?
    • feeling scattered, stressed, exhausted or overwhelmed?
    • ready to release emotional and mental clutter and focus on what matters most?
    • longing for community and connection?
    • ready to cultivate your inner dreams and creative goals?
    • longing for stillness in the middle of the chaos around you?
    • ready for fun and adventure?

Inside Out is for you! Join us on a journey of exploration.

We’ll use art, journaling, simple yoga and meditation to guide us to reconnect with our intuition and creativity.

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You won’t be on the journey alone…

Like minded explorers will connect with you in our private online community. You’ll meet women from around the world and together you’ll learn to trust your intuition and create a life aligned with your values, gifts and purpose. Together we’ll make discoveries, share insights and celebrate the unique brilliance inside each of us.


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I’m Shannon, and I’ll be your guide and fellow explorer.

I created this course to share what I’ve learned and inspire you to live more boldly, fully and freely. I love bringing amazing women from many different places in the world and seasons of their lives together to connect, grow and support each other as we dream, create and find courage to live freely. In return, YOU inspire me and teach me something new about life every day!


During Inside Out you will…
  • discover your inner creativity and intuition
  • set powerful intentions for your life and define a lifestyle you love
  • gain clarity and find your inner courage
  • turn a blank journal into a vibrant life guidebook
  • reconnect to your intuition and express your creativity
  • celebrate joyful, peaceful, mindful living
  • connect with new friends from all over the world
  • find healing, relaxation, and purpose for your life

Set of watercolor paints brushes for painting and blank white paper sheet of sketchbook on vintage wooden background. Top view.

During our 8 week online experience, I will guide you on a journey of exploration and observation using art, creative play, journaling, simple yoga, coaching, and inspiration.

Together, we will explore the 4 stages of the creative process (prepare, play, create & reflect) as we focus on these 8 vital life topics:
  • your mind
  • your body
  • connection to self
  • connection to others
  • creativity
  • energy
  • your grateful heart
  • mindful action

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When you enroll in this e-course, you will receive…
  • 8 comprehensive written lessons & videos
  • more than 8 spotlights from guest coaches, artists, and healers
  • relaxation techniques, gentle yoga & breath work instruction
  • journal prompts & art journaling tips and techniques
  • ways to embrace mess & imperfection
  • connection to friends from around the world*
  • access to course material for ONE YEAR and lifetime access to online community
  • LIVE chats and Q&A videos
  • group coaching

Free Your Spirit. Love Your Life. Express your Creativity.

The next session of Inside Out begins October 12th, 2015. 

I want YOU to live the life you dream of. 

I created this course because it truly is a culmination of my years and years of experience teaching, seeking, observing, reflecting, creating and connecting.  I have an inner fire that drives me to inspire others to live more boldly, fully and freely.  When I learn something that brings more peace and joy into my life, I naturally want to share those teachings with others.  And I LOVE bringing other amazing women – like YOU – together where we can connect, grow and support each other while we dream, create and find our courage!  It’s YOU that inspires and teaches me something new about life every day.

Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what Kim from White Mountain, Alaska, had to say about her Inside Out experience:

This course is like a hot bath, a glorious sunrise and a delicious meal, all rolled into one. It gave me strategies to help me relax, see goodness, make the most of my energy and appreciate others. Best of all, Shannon helped me do this from the inside out, so that changes are personal, considered and full of hope. That this type of activity and support is offered online, world wide, is testament to Shannon’s vision and compassion, not to mention her masterful organization and support. The Inupiat Eskimos have a word for hello that translates, “continue to be – because the way you are is good.” That’s how this class made me feel.

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Contact Shannon with any questions.