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The Live Freely Circle is a fun, supportive, compassionate virtual tribe and monthly membership program.

This is a safe place for women – like YOU – to come together and explore, discover, and create the life that is most inline with your true nature.

In the circle, you will connect deeply to your inner peace and courage as you are inspired by women who are walking a similar journey.  We, in the circle, are exploring how to trust ourselves and how to step more fully into our own power so that we can show up in our lives and we can be mindfully present with peace, purpose and action.

You are welcome here and it is safe to be YOU!

Your guide, Shannon Kinney-Duh, has been leading hundreds of women from around the world in creative exploration and healing support through art workshops, yoga classes, retreats, group coaching and self-discovery e-courses for nearly 20 years.

Now, more than ever before, we must come together in circle to build the strength, confidence and creativity we need to share our dreams, talents, peace and love. The world needs you!

We come together each month to experience mindful exploration that will feed your soul and awaken you to not only your inner wisdom, strength, creativity and peace, but to an abundant and limitless way of living in a whole new, expansive way!

Awareness happens when you start to become an observer of not just the world around you, but the world within you.

Learning how to carve a path that is inline with your true nature and to practice exploring what you think and how you feel is a personal journey, but you don’t have to do it alone.  In fact, connecting to a circle of women who are also dedicated to a path of healing, awakening and personal transformation is amazingly powerful and it will change your life.

The Live Freely Circle supports you as you embrace the life you are currently living.  You are the one in charge of creating your future but it all starts by building a deep foundation of peace, presence and purpose inside your heart and soul, so that you can connect to your personal power and wisdom.  It takes courage to be authentic.  It takes courage to accept your life as it is and to stop striving and pushing so you can feel more relaxed and at peace.

The circle is here to support you, to inspire you, to encourage you and to uplift you on your journey of living an authentic, courageous and empowered life.

In the Live Freely Circle you matter and you are enough.  Your needs and dreams are important.  We believe in you and love you for who you are.  There is great comfort in feeling that kind of support, and this will help you feel more enthusiasm, focus and guidance that will help you fall in love with the present moment and experience acceptance and contentment of where your path is leading you next.

The Live Freely Circle is monthly maintenance for your soul!

Becoming a member of the circle is a great gift you will not only be giving to yourself, but to our hurting and tender world.  We need more women – like YOU – who are committed to walking boldly towards their personal power and who are ready to face their fears and walk forward with simplicity, authenticity, peace, love and kindness.

Every month in the Live Freely Circle you will receive:

* monthly membership to a private, compassionate online community in a private Facebook group with women from around the world that feels like home.

* a monthly theme and weekly inspiration with journal prompts sent to your inbox every Monday to give you focus on living with intention and mindfulness.

* a LIVE coaching video with a simple lesson, casual chat and Q & A time each week.

* one new guided audio meditation each month with relaxation techniques to nurture your self-discovery journey, bring you closer to your inner peace and open your grateful heart.

* weekly inspiration and group coaching that foster self-care, ignite creativity, feed your mind, body and spirit, and support authentic, courageous, peaceful, soulful living.

Shannon Kinney-Düh

Shannon Kinney-Düh

Hi!  I’m Shannon and I’m so happy you are here.  I am a holistic life coach, yoga teacher, self-care mentor and artist.  I’m a mom to 3 young boys, the creator of A Free Spirit Life and the co-creator of the Mindful Mama Movement.

I’ve been leading women in groups for over 15 years and I have to say, the continued transformation and healing I see is a driving force in my life (besides being a mom).  I am so passionate about helping women awaken to the wisdom of their own hearts.  I have seen time and time again that when you bring women together on a common path of authentic, mindful, creative and compassionate living – magic happens.  Anything truly is possible – and that’s what this circle is all about.  To learn more about me, you can visit here.

The state of our world right now is calling us to wake up.  It can feel scary and overwhelming.  But here’s the great thing, you don’t have to do it alone.  Although soul-work is a personal practice, it is more powerful and life-sustaining when we do it in circle – when we do it together.

You are not alone.  Join us and let’s awaken together.

Upcoming Monthly Themes:

MAY:  New Beginnings

In May we explore new beginnings.  It’s time to let go of the old and make space for the new opportunities ready to grow and flourish in your life.  We will focus on starting a simple meditation practice and cultivating inner peace.

JUNE: Play

It’s all about play and having fun this month.  Join the circle and enjoy reminders about inviting more play and relaxation into your life.  This month we’ll practicing throwing out the rules and having more fun.

JULY: Creativity

We are now enrolling for May, June & July.  You can join just for the month of April only, or you can sign-up for a monthly or 3-month on-going subscription to the circle.

NOTE:  If you sign-up for an on-going subscription your Pay Pal account will renew automatically.  You can cancel your subscription any time you are ready to leave the circle.



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“You are opening something up in me that I didn’t know I needed.  I tried fixing it other ways, with more sleep, more complaining and venting.  The circle is what’s working.  Your courses reached me through inspiration and reflection, addressing vital needs that I had ignored for so long and didn’t realize were the root of my struggles.  I’m so excited about my life right now!”


Thank you, Shannon.  Your teaching is nothing short of AMAZING.  I so needed to hear everything that you had to share.  I took pages of colorful notes in my journal to go back to.  I am feeling revved up and empowered, yet still trying to build up my courage as I am in the midst of a very complicated crossroads.


Wow!  I don’t know where to begin.  I have realized that almost everything on my joy list was a solitary activity.  I’m learning that it’s ok to be an introvert and it’s ok to be me.  I can spend an hour reading and the world doesn’t end and more importantly, I don’t have to feel guilty about it.  I deserve it.  (My eyes are tearing up with that epiphany.)  It’s ok to begin opening up in this amazing group without fear of judgment or ridicule.  Thank you, Shannon, our lovely leader and to all the rest of the amazing, beautiful women here.