You need to feel like you can take good care of yourself, tend to your passions and feed your soul, while giving to others, don’t you think?

The Live Freely Circle is a fun, supportive, compassionate, virtual tribe and monthly membership program that helps you do just that.

This is a safe place for women – like YOU – to come together and explore, discover, and create the life that is most inline with your true nature.

This is a sacred place to nurture and nourish your soul, while you nurture and take good care of your family, your community and the world.

All too often I meet women who are maxed out, swimming in a sea of overwhelm, stress and guilt because they feel they just don’t have enough time to do what they love while caring for others.

Let’s face it.  You are a nurturer.  You are a giver.  It makes you feel good.

Yet, you tend to give so much to your family, your friends, your community, your work, your responsibilities and obligations, that your inner dreams, your exciting passions, your creative interests and your self / soul care get pushed way, way, way to the bottom of the list.

In the circle, you will move your soul care to the top of the list again!  You will remember what makes your heart sing.  You will discover the new you, the you that is emerging and ready for new beginnings.

You will reconnect to your intuition, to your heart center, to your creativity, to your passions, and you will find the strength to bring them out into the world.

It’s time to take really good care of yourself, to nurture your soul and to rediscover how to live a joyful, peaceful and happy life while you give to your family, your work and your community.

It’s time to replace overwhelm, fear and worry with contentment.


In the circle, you will connect deeply to your inner peace and courage as you are inspired by women who are walking a similar journey.

We, in the circle, are exploring how to trust ourselves and how to step more fully into our own power so that we can show up in our lives and we can be mindfully present with peace, purpose and action. We believe in the power of feeding our passions and igniting our soul’s work so that we can have more energy, more joy and more creativity to give to others.

You give to others and you always will. But when you make space to nurture your heart and soul and connect with other women who are highly passionate about life,  you will feel happier, more alive and freer!  You will also make a greater impact in your giving because you feel more peaceful, more present and more connected to your life’s purpose

Awareness happens when you start to become an observer of not just the world around you, but the world within you.

Learning how to carve a path that is inline with your true nature and to practice exploring what you think and how you feel is a personal journey, but you don’t have to do it alone.  In fact, connecting to a circle of women who are also dedicated to a path of healing, awakening and personal transformation is amazingly powerful and it will change your life.

The circle is here to support you, to inspire you, to encourage you and to uplift you on your journey of living an authentic, courageous and empowered life.

In the Live Freely Circle you matter and you are enough.  Your needs and dreams are important.  We believe in you and love you for who you are.

Every month in the Live Freely Circle you will receive:

* monthly membership to a private, compassionate online community in a private Facebook group with women from around the world that feels like home.

* a monthly theme and weekly soul care email that includes creative inspiration, relaxation tips, journal prompts and more. This soul care lesson is sent to your inbox on Monday each week. (Plus access to an archive of past journal prompts.)

*3 LIVE coaching videos with a lesson, casual chat and Q&A session (one per week).  The videos are recorded and archived for easy access if you can’t view them at the scheduled time.

* one new guided audio meditation each month with relaxation techniques to nurture your self-discovery journey, bring you closer to your inner peace and open your grateful heart. (Plus access to an archive of guided meditations.)

* weekly inspiration and group coaching that fosters self-care, ignites creativity, feeds your mind, body and spirit, and supports authentic, courageous, peaceful and soulful living.

 AUGUST: Creating a Lifestyle that Supports & Sustains You

This is a great time of year to observe what’s working well and reflect on what changes you are ready to make in your life.  As you learn how to create more space for creativity, joy and peace in your daily lives, let’s get clear about where your heart is guiding you, and set intentions to not only continue your soul care, but take courageous steps forward towards creating a life with intention, clarity and mindfulness.

You will receive a self-care daily checklist, an audio guided meditation for deep relaxation, breath techniques to reduce stress, tips on creating a morning and evening ritual and more!

SEPTEMBER: Mindful Action & Goal Setting

It’s time to get focused.  Using simple, yet creative art journaling techniques, you will set new goals and start taking mindful action to move forward and make change.

October: Letting Go

Practice letting go rituals so you can make space for change and prepare for renewal.


One of my favorite things about the circle is getting to chat with circle members every week.  If you can’t watch the video LIVE, you can watch the recording any time that works in your schedule.


Hi!  I’m Shannon and I’m so happy you are here.  I am a holistic life coach, yoga teacher, self-care mentor and artist.  I’m a mom to 3 young boys, the creator of A Free Spirit Life and the co-creator of the Mindful Mama Movement.

I’ve been leading women in groups for over 15 years and I have to say, the continued transformation and healing I see is a driving force in my life (besides being a mom).  I am so passionate about helping women awaken to the wisdom of their own hearts.  I have seen time and time again that when you bring women together on a common path of authentic, mindful, creative and compassionate living – magic happens.  Anything truly is possible – and that’s what this circle is all about.  To learn more about me, you can visit here.

The state of our world right now is calling us to wake up.  It can feel scary and overwhelming.  But here’s the great thing, you don’t have to do it alone.  Although soul-work is a personal practice, it is more powerful and life-sustaining when we do it in circle – when we do it together. Soul care is a way of life.  Living your passions is a must.  You are not alone in your desire to live a fulfilled, inspired, authentic life.

Join us and let’s do this together.

You are welcome here.  We are saving you a spot.

Click below to enroll. Registration for August now Open!

Live Freely Circle Refund Policy: We at A Free Spirit Life will work to ensure that you’re happy with your membership ongoing! Should you wish to cancel, you can do so at anytime.  Please note: cancellation does not refund the current month’s payment (or previous month’s payment if you cancel before your current month’s billing day).

You are opening something up in me that I didn’t know I needed.  I tried fixing it other ways, with more sleep, more complaining and venting.  The circle is what’s working.  Your courses reached me through inspiration and reflection, addressing vital needs that I had ignored for so long and didn’t realize were the root of my struggles.  I’m so excited about my life right now!


You know when you are walking in a straight line with no particular destination and then you hit an intersection. That is where I was when Shannon introduced her Free Spirit Community and then opened the experience to Live Free Circle. Being part of the circle has helped me from going on the endless path to a wonderful welcoming and incredibly supportive circle. Through her guidance, assignments and interaction with our other circle mates my future has more direction. Having clearing clutter part of the first tasks speaks to me so loudly and I’m excited to see what each month brings to our circle.


Thank you, Shannon.  Your teaching is nothing short of AMAZING.  I so needed to hear everything that you had to share.  I took pages of colorful notes in my journal to go back to.  I am feeling revved up and empowered, yet still trying to build up my courage as I am in the midst of a very complicated crossroads.


I would definitely recommend the circle to others!  It is a place of inspiration, hope and acceptance, and positive energy, compassionate hearts, when you are struggling to find these things in the world.


Wow!  I don’t know where to begin.  I have realized that almost everything on my joy list was a solitary activity.  I’m learning that it’s ok to be an introvert and it’s ok to be me.  I can spend an hour reading and the world doesn’t end and more importantly, I don’t have to feel guilty about it.  I deserve it.  (My eyes are tearing up with that epiphany.)  It’s ok to begin opening up in this amazing group without fear of judgment or ridicule.  Thank you, Shannon, our lovely leader and to all the rest of the amazing, beautiful women here.


The circle is helping me to find clarity and purpose by breaking down the process into reasonable chunks of work. I love the support, encouragement, and inspiration from my circle mates!  We all need positive energy and encouragement and support. This provides it and more!



How much does it cost to be a member?

You can pay for one month at a time to try it out (this option will only be available during the summer, 2017), or you can sign-up for a monthly subscription or 3-month subscription.  Because this is an ongoing membership, you will automatically be billed either monthly or every 3-months.  The cost is $50 for one month only, $37 per month for a monthly membership and $90 for a 3-month membership.

Can I join if I live outside the USA?

Absolutely!  The women who join the circle and take A Free Spirit Life online courses have been from 25 countries and county.  

How will I be billed?

You can pay using Pay Pal or a credit card.  The membership will be automatically renewed, either once a month or every 3-months depending on which option you choose.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes!  We strive to make the circle the best experience for you, but of course, you can cancel any time.  Simply email Shannon, or you can cancel your automatic subscription though Pay Pal or your credit card.  Please note that although you can cancel anytime, you will not receive a refund for the current or past months.

Do I have to be a mom to join?

Absolutely not!  This circle is for any women who feels like she’s ready to nurture her heart and soul in bolder ways.  If you are raising children, or nurturing a heart-centered business, or are an artist or healer, or taking care of your elderly parents, or work for a non-profit, it doesn’t matter.  Any woman is in need of soul care, and that includes YOU!

What is included in the membership price?

When you join the circle, you become a member of the private Facebook group, where you get the chance to make new friends from around the world. You also will receive a weekly soul care email with journal prompts, a guided audio meditation and inspiration.  You will receive 3 LIVE coaching videos with Shannon each month (recorded for your convenience) and access to an archive of past meditations, journal prompts, mini-courses and more.


QUESTIONS?  Email Shannon – I’m happy to help!