NEW e-course that will inspire your creativity and 
help you feel more vibrant, energized and excited 
about living an authentic, creative and more joyful life.


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Making space for art & journaling will change your life.

Looking to reconnect to your creativity and intuition?  Wish you could feel more creative?  Want to make space and time for creative expression and your personal interests but don't know where to begin?  

Interested in doodling, playing with paint, and journaling but get stuck on the blank page?  Want to learn how to create and sustain a daily art journaling practice that nourishes your soul?

Are you ready to move through your fears, embrace imperfection and awaken your inner creative fire?  Do you want to feel more energized, inspired and focused rather than tired, overwhelmed and scattered?    

 You are excited about taking better care of yourself and you want to make self-expression and self-care part of your daily life.

Observe Create Connect is for you!

What this art & journaling journey offers:


For 21-days you will receive a creative email sent directly to your inbox.  These emails will include a weekly introduction video, simple art journaling exercises and writing prompts that you can easily incorporate into your daily life.  These ideas will help you observe the world around you, create art and writing that fills up your journal, while you connect to your intuition and inner creative dreams.  These emails are yours to keep for future inspiration.  The art and journaling exercises are created for the absolute beginner, as well as those who've been painting for years.


Along with your simple daily art journal exercises, you will receive inspiration on how to clear clutter and make room for your creativity, how to create space for your art, personal wellness and self-care, how to embrace imperfection and make friends with chaos, how to create an inspiration board and how to sustain a daily art-making practice that enriches and energizes your life.

Let go of stress and overwhelm and welcome joy and authentic, creative living back into your life.

Hi, I'm Shannon!  I'm a yoga teacher, artist and holistic / creativity life-coach. 

I created this new art and journaling experience because I've learned firsthand the healing power that creative expression has had in my life.  

I also know the challenges of fitting in a daily art and journaling practice when so many other responsibilities are vying for our attention!  I'm a mom to 3 young boys and life gets crazy around here.  I doubted myself for years and at times I didn't value my personal need for quiet time, art and journaling - with no other purpose other than because it makes me feel better.  

The belief that my creative dreams or personal interests didn't matter as much as my family obligations made me put my needs last on the list.  And we all know what happens when we put our needs last - they never happen.  That's when stress, overwhelm, frustration and depression sets in.

Art and journaling heal.  They ignite that inner joy that drives you in life. 

Having an art and journaling practice helps you step into the creative and intuitional flow that comes from your heart.  Making space and time each day for creative play deeply connects you with  presence, purpose and peace.

This 21-day art and journaling online experience will help you create a new healthy habit of putting you and your creative dreams first in your life.  By making space each day to be creative, you will manifest a daily ritual that honors your need for self-care.  

Art and journaling are powerful tools that help you create a happy, healthy and vibrant life!  

You are creative. You have gifts to share.


Registration fee includes the 21-day online course.

Make space for your creativity.
Feel better and more alive.
Watch your dreams flourish.