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invest in yourself

We are the only creatures that seek out guarantees, and in so doing, we snuff the spark that is discovery.

~ Mark Nepo

This is my last post this week to simply remind you that if you are planning to join us for Inside Out: A Creative Adventure of Self-Discovery e-course and community – sign up today. REGISTRATION ENDS TONIGHT, Midnight, C.S.T.

Class officially starts Monday, October 12th. Because I stay home with my kids and work around their schedule, I need this week to dive deeply into all the amazing course content I have lined up for you. And I get to play, play, play with all my art journaling supplies! I’m so excited to set down the computer, step out of my head, relax and feel the joy that comes from playing with paint – without any care in the world what it looks like or how it turns out.

Because none of that matters. Perfect is so boring.

Keeping ourselves from enjoying the amazing healing powers of creativity and art…well that’s just plain silly. Because life is too short to feel restricted. Life zooms way too fast to be consumed by fear, stress and overwhelm.

I’m dedicated to blasting the doors wide open in this lifetime.

I want to break free of my silly mind that tells me I’m not doing it right, I’ll never be as good as her, or I’m not good enough.

You are good enough.

In fact you are better than good enough.


Keep sharing your awesomeness with the world…please…beautiful you.
Because you have gifts to share with us.

We need YOU.








To enroll in Inside Out: A Creative Adventure of Self-Discovery, VISIT HERE.

To see the video that makes you want to dance, VISIT HERE.
To see a video where I talk about the program and why it’s so near and dear to my heart, VISIT HERE.
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stop self-doubt; let go of perfect – it’s time to live the life you were born to live


(SEE BELOW for winners of the big give-away & a NEW video for you. Also, I’m offering two FREE Life Coaching sessions if you register for Inside Out: A Creative Adventure of Self-Discovery by Saturday, October 3rd!)

Today, I simply want to reintroduce myself and share my journey of healing.

Many of you have known me for a long time. We’ve created friendships and deep connections over the years. Many of you have just discovered me, maybe stumbling across my website on a Google search or by the recommendation of a friend.

We all have one thing in common, we want to live a happy life.

We want to move beyond our own self-doubt, worry and fear. We want to stop devaluing ourselves. We want to feel more joy, peace and calm in our day. We want to express our creativity and walk through this life connected to our purpose and the things that matter most. We want to break free from stress, overwhelm and exhaustion so we can have more fun!

I’m a holistic life coach and a yoga teacher. I’m an artist and a lover of life. I’m a wife and a mom and an entrepreneur. I’m a reformed self-doubter and an encourager of creativity and joy.

I’m an observer and the creator of my own life.

I’m a woman…just like you…and I’m on a journey of self-discovery.


My life used to be filled with self-doubt. I didn’t believe in myself and I let fear keep me from making decisions and taking risks.

Somewhere along the path to adulthood I learned how to stay quiet, watch from a distance and please others. I learned to put my needs last and serve others first.  I never believed I was enough. I never felt I had value. I was disconnected from my own worth and my inner creativity.

But things are different now. I’m on a journey of healing. I’m living a life of contentment, creativity and gratitude. I’m a free spirit.


This journey has let me to find my inner strength. My inner wisdom. I’ve found peace. I’m comfortable in my own skin. I’m connected to my authentic self, and I’m able to believe in myself, trust my intuition, and follow my heart.

I’ve learned to face my fears and accept mess and chaos as a part of life. I’ve learned the ultimate joy that comes from letting go of perfect and embrace the beauty of imperfection. The joy of leaving fear of failure behind me and simply beginning…

My healing comes from creativity and the creative process.

From time on my yoga mat, stillness and self care. From observation, exploration, and my journal. My healing comes from connecting with my inner creativity and building relationships with the people around me.

I’m living A Free Spirit Life. And I want to share my journey with you.

I created A Free Spirit Life to help you feel happy and become your authentic self in this world…to inspire you to reconnect with your inner creativity, find contentment in the present moment, and achieve your dreams by creating a life you love each and every day.


Right now I’m a mom, and my days are filled with the antics and excitement of three young boys. My husband is the love of my life. My heart is full of the joys and challenges of my family.

Maybe you are a mom like me. Maybe you face a different kind of chaos. It’s ok. You’re welcome here.

A Free Spirit Life & Inside Out e-course are for you if you’re…

* stressed, exhausted and not sure how you’ll manage tomorrow
* physically hurting and not sure how to care for yourself
* wishing you could just be playful and creative
* finally ready to take care of yourself so you can care for others
* at a crossroads in your life and not sure where to turn
* want to live with more peace, joy and contentment
* ready to shed self-doubt, follow your dreams & create a life you love

You matter. You belong. You are ok. You’re welcome here.

How can we continue sharing this journey of self-discovery together?

Inside Out: A Creative Adventure of Self-Discovery is an online experience that will change your life.

inside-out-ecourse-graphicThrough art, writing, relaxation, guided meditation, and community connections. Through inspiration, reflection, and creativity. Through awareness and journaling and mindfulness.

I believe in finding contentment and joy in every season of life.

Here’s what happens when you give yourself the gift of Inside Out:

You will learn a simple system, using stillness, relaxation and creativity & you will create a visual guidebook that will help you:

* trust yourself again
* connect deeply to your intuition
* face fears & live with courage
* create a mindful action plan to make your dreams happen
* and so, so much more

To learn more and to enroll, VISIT HERE.

If you enroll by Saturday, October 3rd, you will receive two Life Coaching email sessions with me for FREE!


What it means to live from the Inside Out – join us October 12th! from Shannon Kinney on Vimeo.

I made this video for you!
End the struggle and live the life you know you are ready to live – fully, boldly and freely.

Life is a journey of healing and self-discovery. This do it together!







Thanks to all of you for entering to win from these great prizes. I so appreciate you taking the time to share and connect with me.

The winners of the random drawing are:
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give-aways, inside out guest contributors & periscope party!


It’s time for a party! How about a party that gives you a chance to win all sorts of nurturing prizes for your soul?

Today I’m launching a big give-away party, because it’s just fun to give things away!

My generous guest contributors to this all new Inside Out are gifting you a chance to win some wonderful prizes.

Before I share all the fab prizes, make sure to check out these amazing guest contributors to the upcoming course. You can learn all about them HERE.

You will find the women on this list are from all walks of life – sharing their personal stories of challenge and triumph. These are women who have gone through health scares, divorce and more. These are women who know what it feels like to be paralyzed by fear, and who have found the courage to reconnect to their creativity, listen to their intuition and shed their self-doubt.

These are women who are passionate about giving, passionate about creating their lives and who share that passion with others through coaching, teaching, writing, healing, art and more.

I feel blessed to share their teachings with you.

Visit HERE to see the list of wonderful guest contributors you will enjoy when you register for Inside Out: A Creative Adventure of Self-Discovery.



For your chance to win give-aways from our lovely guest contributors to this session of Inside Out:

1) Simply share the Inside Out course link with your friends and followers:

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(If you haven’t already, simply download the Periscope app to your smart phone, create a login and follow me @ A Free Spirit Life.) I’m planning to go LIVE at 10 a.m. C.S.T every day this week! If you can’t catch me live, not to worry. The replay will be available 24 hours after it airs.

Winners will be announced Saturday, September 26th!

Here are the list of fabulous prizes:

Thank you for helping me spread the word about Inside Out: A Creative Adventure of Self-Discovery new-bio-photoe-course and community and for supporting our guest teachers.

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I can’t wait to share this experience with you!


live freely tv episode #3: bringing back joy

Life Freely TV Episode 3: Bringing Back Joy from Shannon Kinney on Vimeo.

So much has been going on in my life these days. I have all these creative ideas and I’m feeling totally inspired and then…BOOM. Someone needs me. The “to do” list consumes me. I start feeling overwhelmed…AGAIN.  Do you ever feel this way???

But today is a new day.

And you have that opportunity, too – to embrace a NEW day. To make a change. To let things go. To stop letting the “shoulds” in your head bring you down.

In this next episode of Live Freely TV, I talk about bringing back JOY into our daily life. I give 3 simple tips that you can start doing NOW to feel better in your day, and therefore, return to a sense of gratitude, peace and JOY in your life.

Coming next week…

I’ll be introducing you to all of the AMAZING guest coaches, artists, writers and healers who will be sharing their expertise in the upcoming ALL NEW Inside Out!

AND…BIG GIVE-AWAYS are coming up, too. I can’t wait to share with you!!

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I’m giving Periscope a try. MAN…I’m learning a ton about it, including how it is bringing up my FEARS!

I will be sharing some simple art journaling tips on my Periscope channel, along with other inspiration on making space for creativity, finding peace inside your day and how to quiet your negative thoughts so you can live a wonderfully authentic, full life.

How can you help?

Sign-up for Periscope. (Download the app on your smart phone – create a login.) Then, follow me @ A Free Spirit Life. Once you follow me, you’ll be notified when my broadcasts will be going LIVE. Then we can CHAT in REAL TIME!

It’s all new to me – so I kind of feel scared about it – but we need to do things that scare us – right? SO I’m totally going to give it a try.

AND I want you to join me too!

Thanks, my love.
I appreciate you more than you know.








An ALL NEW Inside Out: A Creative Adventure of Self-Discovery

inside-out-ecourse-graphic e-course & community registration is NOW OPEN.

This time, when you register, you get access to the course content for ONE YEAR and membership to our community for a lifetime.

What are you waiting for?

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change your life with all new inside out

inside out collage


Registration for an ALL NEW Inside Out is now open!

Click HERE for all the details!


I created Inside Out because I know what it feels like to put your needs and dreams last on the list.

I know what it’s like to not believe you are creative. I know what it feels like to want to live an authentic life but to be consumed by fear. After years and years of exploring my life, facing my fears, being vulnerable, and learning and teaching, I know how amazing it feels to live a life where I believe in myself. I know what it’s like to stay connected to my intuition, to nurture my creativity, and to listen to and follow where my heart leads me.

I want YOU to live the life you dream of, and I want that for you NOW. I want my years of experience and training to save you time, money and wasted energy.
Inside Out: A Creative Adventure of Self-Discovery offers personal growth tools that work – tools that you can personalize to compliment your own path.

There is no “one and only” path. There is only your path. Your path is the right one for you, just as my path is the right one for me.



I have an inner fire that drives me to inspire others to live more boldly, fully and freely. When I learn something that brings more peace and joy into my life, I naturally want to share those teachings with others. And I LOVE bringing other amazing women – like YOU – together where we can connect, grow and support each other while we dream, create and find our courage!




I believe in you. Can’t wait to share this journey with you!


Live Freely TV Episode #2 – Living an Imperfect Life

Live Freely TV Episode 2 from Shannon Kinney on Vimeo.

I was having one of those kind of days.

You know the one…where everything feels like it’s going wrong.

Watch Episode #2 of Live Freely TV as I talk about finding the courage to live an imperfect life.




Wishing you an imperfectly, beautiful day!


grab your coffee or tea and let’s chat about living freely!


(Below I’m announcing my new video series: Live Freely TV!)

I’m sitting on my back glass porch (my favorite room in the house). The woods and grey sky surrounds me. I have my coffee and two boys by my side. One boy is doing a puzzle in between complaining that we never have anything he wants to eat. The other boy is connecting-the-dots in his workbook – still in his jammies and with what he calls, “wake up hair”. (The other youngest boy is still sleeping after being wide away for two hours in the middle of the night – just talking and laughing to himself.)

I had my morning walk around the lake. It’s something I look so forward to now – my favorite way to get grounded for a day with the kids.

I’m feeling good.

But the last few days…
Well, that’s another story.

I had been feeling…stuck. Frustrated, tired, angry, confused…and just plain stuck.

I felt like a car with a flat tire. All these great places I want to go, but can’t seem to get there. (Hence, all my recent posts about patience!)

That happens, as I know you know.
Same days we feel great.
Some days we don’t.
Some times we feel like “we got this”.
Other times we don’t want to get out of bed.

That’s the nature of life, I guess.

And I think it helps when we stop labeling our experience as “good” or “bad” or “right” or “wrong”.

It just IS.

This is my life.
This is your life.

It is what it is.

Accept it.
Change it.
Embrace it.
Celebrate it.

And remember…some days flow and some days you just feel stuck.

Reflect on your own life today, with kindness. Let go of labeling each moment and instead – without judgment – simply observe what you are feeling and gently remind yourself to get back to this moment.

No matter where you are in your life, _this_ moment is right where you need to be.







Today, I’m announcing my new video series:


Live Freely TV Episode 1: Embracing Patience from Shannon Kinney on Vimeo.

I’m creating these video podcasts to inspire us to awaken to the new possibilities in our unlimited lives. I want to bring you together with other free spirits from around the world as we share what it means to live a life full of purpose, peace, contentment and joy.

So grab your cup of coffee or tea, and let’s chat about living freely!

CLICK HERE TO VIEW Live Freely TV Episode #1

Embracing Patience

Follow my Live Freely TV channel to watch future episodes – click HERE.

Empty wooden bench with colorful balloons flying away to the blue sky background


Have you heard of it? It’s pretty new to me. And I’m excited to give it a try. Basically, you can sign-up for a free account, and follow people (like Twitter), so that you can watch LIVE videos they record from their phone. It’s so cool!

I want to give it a try. SO…go to Periscope, sign-up and let’s follow each other!!

Then, I’ll announce in a week or so when I’ll be recording my first LIVE video.  We can connect LIVE together!! (If you miss the LIVE broadcast, the video is available 24 hours after it first aired.)

Find me on Periscope @aFreeSpiritLife.

Email me and let me know your @name and I’ll follow you, too!

sometimes you need to freak out

freak out

Patience is waiting.  Not passively waiting.  That is laziness.  But to keep going when the going is hard and slow – that is patience.

~ unknown

In my last post I shared some inspiration on staying present when you want to freak out.

Today, I want to remind you of this:


The freak out moment is there to teach you.
Let it out. And listen to it.

Your freak out moment may come in the form of worrisome thoughts that keeps you up at night. Your freak out moment may be a migraine or a deep feeling of sadness or complete irritability at everything and everyone. Your freak out moment may be a lot of kicking and screaming. Your freak out moment could be obsessing over past regrets rather than moving on. Or maybe your freak out moment looks like inaction – where you feel like you just don’t care anymore.


Find some stillness.
Sit quietly.
Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath in and let it all out.

Notice how your body feels. Where do you feel some tension? What feelings come up from your heart? What is your mind saying?

Take another deep breath in and out. RELAX. It’s all going to be ok.


Because that freak out moment is your spirit telling you things are a little out of whack. (By the way, it happens to us all.) There is something that needs your attention. Don’t ignore it. Pay attention to it. Become an observer of your thoughts. Check-in with your body. Let those feelings out.

And once you make the connection to why you are freaking out and what you sense and feel needs to be done about it…then, my love, ease into the patience, because now that you know, – that you are deeply listening and paying attention – then you will soon know exactly what you need to do next.

In your own time.

With tenderness.
With kindness.
With love.



Slow down:

Do you rush through your day? Patience comes when you practice slowing down your pace. Savor the moment rather than rush through it. See how it feels to walk slower, breath slower, eat slower, and move slower.


Kids know how to play. We forget what playing feels like when we become adults. When’s the last time you did something that had no other purpose except – for fun? Be silly. Have a dance party. Mess around with paint or jump in the rain puddles. Kick a ball around, blow bubbles or swing. Being playful helps you be less serious and allows you to practice the patience that is needed when you aren’t producing something, being “productive” or checking something off the never-ending list.


Humor helps you relax. Laughing lightens your spirit. It brings you in touch with joy, and when you are feeling joyful, you feel more alive and free. There is a letting go and acceptance that comes with laughter, and that’s what being patient is all about.

Stay Open:

Life twists and turns. It’s ever changing and we never know what’s really going to happen day-to-day. Keep an open mind and heart so that you can be flexible with those changes. Going with the flow helps you soften when changes outside of your control happen. Ahhh…staying open to change invites patience to take hold.

Connect to your Breath:

Feeling constricted? Stressed? Overwhelmed with your present situation? STOP.
Take in your deepest breath. Then slowly, release. Let your breath out, along with any tension you feel. Nothing is more present than your own breath. Connect to your breath and feel a deep sense of presence and patience settle over you.

Get Moving:

Walk. Run. Swim. Paint. Exercise. Find some form of movement that you enjoy – and try to do it every day. Nothing helps release those stressful – I want it now – feelings than movement. Give that impatient energy a place to go and get moving.

Be Still:

We are always on the go. And before long this leaves us feeling out of touch and disconnected to what truly matters most. Give yourself a moment of stillness. (How about in the morning before your day gets going, or in the evening right before bed?) Sit quietly so you can get in touch with your true feelings. Like I mentioned above, this will help you step out of your head and into your heart so that you can discover the source of your freak out feelings. Stillness allows you to tap into the inner peace (and patience) that is always there.


Writing in a journal gives those reoccurring thoughts a safe place to go. It gets them out of your head. It also helps you organize your thoughts – so that you can feel more at ease with a plan or outline that may form from writing it out. And that creates space for clarity. When you are feeling lost or confused or frustrated about your life in this moment, get those honest feelings out on paper. You’ll be amazed at the power journaling can have – and a journal is the most patient of all friends!










Look what’s coming ~ Live Freely TV!!  More info soon…

staying patient when you feel like freaking out

be patient

All I can say is WOW. The response to my last post about easing in to being patient lets me know that I’m not alone in this.

Waiting is hard.

Especially in this instant gratification culture we live in.
We are inundated with quick fixes and promises of tried and true methods that will change our lives in 7 days or less!

We see famous women who have their “before baby bellies” back in a week after having their newborns. We see “perfect” lives displayed all over Facebook. We believe that our neighbors and our friends and the people we meet throughout the day have it all figured out.

Wanting it all RIGHT NOW starts the moment we have self-awareness as babies. Geez…do I know this living with 3 boys under the age of 8. Can anyone tell me why they give children suckers when they get their haircuts? I hope I never have to witness the kind of fit my toddler had the other day when he wanted a second sucker.

But I know I will experience another one. Because he’s just like me. We want MORE and we want it right now.

When will enough become…enough?

When will our lives – as they are – get our own stamp of approval?
When will we feel grateful for what we already do have?
When will we fully accept how our lives are right now, so that we can stop sucking the joy out of the present moment?

When will we recognize life for the gift that it really is?

Does being patient mean you have to give up on your dreams?

Does being patient mean you can’t change your life or don’t need to plan for the future?
Hell no.

Does being patient mean that you have to suck it up and suffer?
What good would that do?

Being patient is about letting go of the unnecessary pain so that we can live a more vibrant, fulfilling life.

So reflect on what IS working in your life right now.
Notice where you can grip less and where you can relax.
Are you pushing too hard?
Are you doing too much?
Do you have enough S P A C E in your life?
Do YOU believe in yourself and in your dreams?

Become more aware of where your lack of patience may be causing continuous feelings of stress, anxiety, frustration, overwhelm, depression or fear.

Breathing, smiling, softening and RELAXING into patience adds a feeling of peace within you. It’s a calm feeling that you can tap into – especially when you feel on the verge of freaking out.

TRUST that your life is unfolding in its own time.
Stop pushing and forcing and rushing the process.

Be gentle as you embrace the importance of being patient with yourself and with your life. And be kind to yourself when you do freak out – it happens to us all!

Enjoy taking some time this week to simply observe where being patient may be just the answer you’ve been looking for.

Because your life as you know it, beautiful free spirit, is your greatest teacher…


letting life unfold & learning to relax


Tension is who you think you should be.  Relaxation is who you are.

~ Chinese Proverb

It’s been 17 days since I checked Facebook, and I haven’t missed it at all.  Well, I’ve missed staying connected to my Inside Out & Mothering with heART communities – that is for sure, but the act of reaching for my phone to check it throughout the day – that I don’t miss.

I recognize how Facebook adds noise to my life.  Before I know it I can easily get caught up in a flurry of distraction as I’m commenting on my friend’s posts, or getting worked up about an article on GMO’s, or wasting time reading about the top 10 tips for getting my body into swimsuit shape.  Ugh.

Sometimes I feel like logging into Facebook is like stepping into the restless minds of everyone we meet throughout the day.  So much noise. Will I get back on Facebook?  Sure.  It’s how I stay connected to so many dear friends from around the world.  I love that we can all communicate in that way.  It’s just nice to take a step back and become more mindful of how things, even ones we enjoy, can add clutter to our lives.

I have so enjoyed this month of unplugging.  I’ve spent a lot of time at the pool with the boys.  This is the first year that my oldest is picking up the whole swimming thing.  What a joy to watch his joy as he discovers how much fun it is to swim.

At the pool I’ve noticed some parents pushing their kids, almost forcing them, to learn how to swim. These are young kids, too.  Now I’m all for gently guided our children past their comfort zone.  What I’m talking about in particular is yelling – lots of yelling and demanding and even threatening. I heard one mom yell at her son who wasn’t listening to his swim teacher, “If you don’t do what she asks you I will make you do bobs and back floats for 30 minutes in the bathtub tonight!”

Watching my own kids pick up swimming, I am reminded that kids, like pretty much everything else in life, unfold in their own time.  We can’t force them to swim, just as we can’t force our present situation to be anything other than it is.  Pushing, yelling, demanding…doesn’t make them learn to swim any faster, nor does it make life go our way.

We try to control things.  We try to control others.  We are scared when life isn’t going according to plan.

Sometimes I watch how these parents push their kids and I wonder, should I be doing that too? I feel an inner tension creep up as I question, am I not pushing my kids hard enough?  But then…that day comes, when they just get it.  Yes, exposing them to the water has helped.  Signing them up for swim lessons has helped.  Gently guiding them through their fears has helped.  And practicing patience has helped, too.

So often we think we can grasp life – take hold of it – and force it to be a certain way.  But the more I walk down a spiritual path the more I learn that it’s when I let go and relax that life presents itself in a new way.  That when I let things unfold in their own timing, (like when I back off and let my kids be who they are), the shift takes place.

And you know what all that grasping and forcing does?  It sucks the joy out of the present moment! These parents that I see yelling at their kids – I don’t see them having any fun!

As I continue to slow down and savor the precious, simple moments, I have a newfound patience with myself (and my kids), which in turns adds a deeper sense of relaxation to my life.

Rather than jumping into the next project (or hopping onto Facebook) to keep myself busy (or fill up space) when I’m feeling like I should be doing something else, I’m sitting with the restless feelings.  I’m observing them.  And it’s in that space of observation that I see the beauty and the lessons that come from being more present and in the moment.  And the beauty that comes from letting things…unfold.

Slowing down feels really good.

As hard as it can be sometimes.

Watching my kids unfold in their own time feels amazing.

Even when I wonder if I’m doing enough.

Everything has its own timing.

We can’t force the kids to learn when they aren’t ready.  We can’t make life change before doing the work.

What we can do is be kind – to others and ourselves.  We can relax and lighten up.  We can step into the flow of the present moment by slowing down, eliminating distractions and simplifying our days.  We can stop filling up the space when we feel restless, and instead, just observe our feelings without reacting.  We can feel the ease that happens when we let go of the tension, embrace patience and learn to relax.

So let go.
Breathe, smile and soften.
And let your life (and others) unfold…







Your Personal Reflection:

Become an observer of yourself today.  What’s causing tension in your life?  Are you resisting the present moment or trying to force something to be other than it already is?  Can you practice patience and see what it feels like to relax?

Laugh Play Love copy



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