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Day #22: Sharing the Love (& another give-away!)

yarn bomb with grandma
Some of you may remember that I discovered Yarn Bombing this past summer.  I love anything that involves spreading goodness anonymously – so it must be why May Day was always one of my favorite holidays growing up.  (Does anyone do May Day?)
Well, my mother-in-law, secretly known as the “yarn doodler,” is one creative, inspiring woman – that is for sure.  On her last visit she…er…um…I mean…the “yarn doodler”…dropped a yarn bomb at our neighborhood park at Kestan’s request.  After I left a felted flower at our local farmer’s market, Kestan started making his own knitting creations (balls of tangled yarn) to be secretly dropped in locations of his choosing.  So he was more than ecstatic to share this experience with his cool grandma.
With hammer in hand, together they discovered a new happy home for this felted flower – in perfect view from the swings and slides so Kestan could see it each time he visited the park. (Unfortunately it was gone after a few weeks, but that is the exciting nature of “yarn bombing” – you just never know where it will travel to next.)
Yarn Bomb in the Park
So today I’m thanking the “yarn doodler” (due to her sleuth yarn bombing international skills – her name must remain anonymous.)  YOU…knitting-felting-painting-dancing-full-of-joy-and-love-beautiful-woman…are such a source of happy light in our lives.  Thank you for all you do for us and thank you for being YOU!
Yarn Bomb
And as a thank you to one of YOU, the “yarn doodler” herself is giving away a hand-made flower like this one – ready to be dropped anonymously at a location near you.
For your chance to win, simply leave a comment here and I’ll announce the yarn bomb winner this weekend.  And you can still enter to win yesterdays give-away HERE.
Make sure to visit the Yarn Doodler on Facebook and Do Dads For You to see more of her fabulous creative crafts.
Your Personal Reflection:  Have you ever dropped an anonymous gift to someone before?  How about giving it a try this week?

Bombin’ Some Yarn

Yarn Bomb Felted Flower close up

I just discovered what yarn bombing is from my coolest-ever-mother-in-law.  As described in the new book, Yarn Bombing: The Book, “knit graffiti is an international guerilla movement that started underground and is now embraced by crochet and knitting artists of all ages, nationalities, and genders.”  Beginners and seasoned knitters secretly “donate” a knitted creation in public spaces.  

Yarn Bomb Felted Flower knitting

I am so inspired and excited by this idea!  Do you think that pink flower in this photo is real?

Yarn Bomb Felted Flower  in flower pot

I hit the farmer’s market this morning with the boys, my mom and sister and they helped me secretly drop off my first “donation.”

Yarn Bomb Felted Flower in bush
International Yarn Bombing Day is this Saturday, June 11th.  So now it’s your chance to join in on the fun!  Simply knit or crochet anything you’d like and tag a public space with your knitted piece.  Take a photo of your “donation” and share it online.  There are many flickr and Ravelry groups to share your yarn bomb creations, and also feel free to share with me on my new Free Spirit Knits flickr page.  I would LOVE to see them.
Happy knitting and sharing!
Your Personal Reflection:  What inspires YOUR creativity?