the giving thanks challenge

It’s simple.

Take a moment each day in November and thank someone in your life.

Send a text, make a call, leave a post-it,
write an old fashioned letter…
Make eye contact.
And say, “thanks.”
It doesn’t matter how you thank them.  
Simply think of someone in your life – each day – and tell them why you are thankful for them.  
Give them your thanks.


Thank thirty people in thirty days.

Can’t think of thirty?

Look more closely at the people you encounter in a day.


The postman.
The barista.
The friendly teller at the bank.
The woman who always stamps your parking ticket.
Your neighbor down the street.
Is there a local store owner who makes you feel welcome every time you shop?
Do you have a favorite sacker at the grocery store?
How about someone you work with that makes you laugh?
Do you have a favorite hair stylist, or massage therapist, or yoga teacher?
Have you told your best friend how much you appreciate their friendship?
Did you ever thank your favorite teacher?
Has anyone helped change the course of your life?
What about someone you are really close to – like your kids or spouse – when’s the last time you thanked them?


Post your stories on my Facebook Page, share your blog links there, too.  
Send out tweets and use #30daysofthanks to mark your posts. 

If you choose to join us, please let me know by contacting me HERE.

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Spread the word.

 And give your thanks.


Thanks for being…YOU!
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