Let your heart lead the way

A Free Spirit Life invites you to live inspired, experience true inner peace and share your authentic and creative gifts with the world.  We offer services and products that support you on your path to living a conscious, heart-centered, abundant and awakened life.  

I’m Shannon Kinney-DüH

Holistic Life Coach / Reiki master/ Meditation Teacher.

I’ve been guiding women on their self-discovery and awakening journey for over 20 years.  I created this space to guide you back to wholeness as you rediscover how amazing you truly are.

I want you to live a life in alignment with your souls’ greatest purpose so that you can feel the peace, joy, health and vibrant energy that comes from being courageously and authentically…you.   

1:1 Intuitive Coaching Sessions

Break through blocks and experience powerful transformation as you reconnect to your true Self. 

Awakening Online Courses & Workshops

In these courses, you’ll learn how to find your flow, unlock your true potential and connect deeply to your life’s purpose.

Nourish your heart & Soul Retreats

Imagine stepping out of your every day life to reconnect to peace, joy and relaxation.

Live Awakened | 


An 8-week online adventure of self-discovery. Guided Meditations + Creative Journaling + Energy Healing

You are a powerful woman and we need you to feel vibrant and alive so you can share your gifts with the world!  Experience the authentic, abundant life you dream about.  Join us for this powerful course.

listen to the Podcast

In the podcast you’ll hear intuitive coaching tips, interviews with healers, guides and spiritual teachers and inspiration on living an authentic and abundant life. 

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