Every Woman Is Designed to Shine




I believe you ended up here for a reason, and I’m excited to support your journey of awakening to your authentic self!

My name is Shannon Kinney-Düh, founder of A Free Spirit Life. I’m an artist, spiritual health and creativity coach, human design specialist, meditation teacher and lover of life. For more than 20 years, I’ve been helping ambitious working mothers achieve spiritual alignment, emotional health, creative freedom and joyful authenticity.

WHAT YOU’LL Discover

Living a free spirit life is about reconnecting to your intuition and awakening to the song in your heart.  

It’s about loving your imperfect, messy and wondrous life.  

Through coachingcourses, companion products and community, you’ll become inspired, recharged and ready to share your unique gifts with the world. 

How I can help you

Human Design Readings

Did you know you have a unique Human Design energy blueprint? Through Energize Your Life Human Design Readings, you’ll discover your personal chart and energy map, and gain clear understanding of your true gifts while unlocking secrets to finding flow in your life.  These powerful readings are available as either Deep Dive or Bite-Sized sessions.

Life Coaching

Need to find clarity in life or process whatever is making you feel stuck?  You may benefit from holistic life coaching or a business strategy session.  It’s time to set your authentic self free and step into the work, relationships, and life that feels more meaningful, prosperous, and in flow.  We can do it together.


A Free Spirit Life Academy offers a growing list of online courses that intuitively guide you toward spiritual alignment, emotional health, creative freedom and joyful authenticity.  A few of the topics include journaling, energy healing, intuitive art and meditation.  Invite a friend, and I’ll meet you in class!


Start by checking in with yourself. Does anything on this list sound familiar? If so, your inner voice is crying out for something to change.

  • You feel drained, depleted, and emotionally disconnected from yourself.
  • You feel stuck, despite all of the blessings in your life.
  • You wish you could express your true self more often.
  • You feel generally good, but long to feel more creative and express yourself in a deeper way.
  • You’re ready for a change and want to connect to who you are.  
  • You’re going through a life transformation, and would love some guidance along your path. 
  • You’re ready to discover your purpose and attract more peace and prosperity in your life.


After years of training and experience working with women, I’ve come to understand each of us is uniquely designed to shine. When we understand the details of how we’re created and why we’re here, we can finally live a fulfilled, inspired and energized life.

Are you ready to reconnect with your authentic self?

In a one-time energy coaching session, you’ll not only discover empowering information about yourself, but also receive the resources needed to rise to your true potential and Energize Your Life.


Sparking transformation that helps you feel recharged and ready to share your unique gifts.  I connect with clients worldwide via Zoom, Voxer and locally in Kansas, US.