Every Woman Is Designed to Shine




I believe you ended up here for a reason, and I’m excited to support your journey of awakening to your authentic self!

My name is Shannon Kinney-Düh, founder of A Free Spirit Life. I’m an artist, spiritual health and creativity coach, human design specialist, meditation teacher and lover of life. For more than 20 years, I’ve been helping adventurous dreamers like you experience greater health, wealth, joy, and peace as you reconnect with your innate energy, intuition, and creativity.



Living a free spirit life is about self-discovery, reconnecting to your intuition, and remembering your wholeness. It’s about loving your imperfect, messy, and wondrous life and learning how to share your gifts with the world. Through my practice, I can help you live in alignment with your souls’ greatest purpose so you can experience the freedom that comes from being courageously and authentically you.

I offer human design readings, spiritual health, creativity and business strategy coaching, online courses and retreats, that provide a safe and sacred place and powerful tools for you to explore, create, and return to the wisdom of your own heart.

How I can help you

Bite Sized Human Design Readings

Have you heard about Human Design and are curious to discover more? I have created this bite-sized offer to reintroduce you to your true self. You’ll receive a personalized reading to understand how you can live in alignment with your soul purpose. 

In-depth Human Design Readings

Want to understand everything there is to know about your Human Design energy blueprint? In this session you’ll receive an in-depth personal audio reading of your chart, giving you a clear understanding of your true gifts, while unlocking the secrets to finding flow in your life.

Online Courses

In these courses, you’ll learn how to raise your vibration, spark your creativity, unlock your true potential and connect deeply to your purpose.

Watercolor Art Journaling, Energy Healing and Meditation 101 are just some of the courses you’ll find. 



Start by checking in with yourself. Does anything on this list sound familiar? If so, your inner voice is crying out for something to change.

  • You feel drained, depleted, and emotionally disconnected from yourself.
  • You feel stuck, despite all of the blessings in your life.
  • You wish you could express your true self more often.
  • You’re ready for a change and want to reconnect to who you are.
  • You’re ready to discover your purpose and attract more peace and prosperity in your life.


After years of training and experience working with women, I’ve come to understand each of us is uniquely designed to shine. When we understand the details of how we’re created and why we’re here, we can finally live a fulfilled, inspired and energized life.

Are you ready to reconnect with your authentic self?

In a one-time energy coaching session, you’ll not only discover empowering information about yourself, but also receive the resources needed to rise to your true potential and Energize Your Life.