Quiet Mind.  Grateful Heart.  Free Spirit.

Hi friend. I’m so happy you’re here.

Hi I’m Shannon, a holistic life coach, Reiki practitioner, yoga, meditation & mindfulness teacher, artist and boy mom.  I help women who are going through a transition with guidance, tools and support to move through fear with greater awareness, clarity and courage so they can navigate uncertain and overwhelming times, and feel more connected to the things that matter most.  I’ve been helping others reconnect to their intuition, creativity, courage and power for over 20 years.  

A Free Spirit Life is a safe place to be who you are and to celebrate who you are becoming.  We offer services and products that inspire you to live an empowered life – one that is aligned to your true self and awakened to your inner wisdom and peace.  

Let’s live freely together.

Ways We Can Connect During This Time:

Guided Meditations:  My free guided meditations on Insight Timer reduce anxiety, help you sleep and bring more calm and presence to your daily life.

Virtual Life Coaching + Reiki Energy Healing Sessions:  I’m offering 60 and 90 minute virtual 1:1 sessions for life coaching,  reiki and intuitive healing.  Payment plans are available during this tender time.  Email me for details.

Virtual The Artist’s Way Group: Join me and an amazing group of women from around the world for this virtual course.  This will be a very healing and supportive experience during these stressful and uncertain times. New course starts in June!



I am learning that everything I do is based in love. And committing to creation, whether by myself or with my kids and friends, is the most effective way to create love in my life. I’ve finally, for the first time EVER, found a way around procrastination and guilt – and I am full. I can’t thank you enough for this experience!



What an absolutely beautiful experience this class has been to me … it truly opened me up wide! Shannon, you are a beautiful spirit and the way you presented your heartfelt lessons to us each and every day was perfect! I know I will miss being here in this space, but have a journal full of wonderful ideas, moments, quotes, dreams, and so much more to refer back to over and over again.

Donna Wynn

Virginia Beach

I have gone through periods of doubting my own intuition, not listening to my voice, not believing I am a creative person, or that I can create my own life and live it happily not worrying about other’s opinions. Since taking “Inside Out” I am learning to trust my own voice more. I am finding my self, my community, and my own special creative life.



I had a fabulous time in Inside Out and it gave me the courage to start taking small steps. I began with some e-courses to explore my creativity and to find out what I enjoyed. I have now started dancing classes and am having great fun. I’m living more in the moment and exploring my inner child is fun! Without Inside Out I would not have started this journey and I love it. Thank you so much, Shannon!



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