Looks like we’ve got another computer junkie in the family. I informed Kestan that he couldn’t start blogging until he was at least two! So until January I have offered to write his blog posts for him. Here are some of his ideas, for all the mommy’s in the world, on some creative, fun and inexpensive gift ideas this holiday season. A few ideas are for your kids, some are to do WITH your kids, and some are just for YOU (or moms in your life).

1) Toilet Paper Roll Recycled Cars
I found this idea in Family Fun magazine and I couldn’t resit trying it out for my car-lover.

* toilet paper rolls
* plastic lid tops
* toothpicks
* straws
* nail & hammer
* hole puncher
* scissors
* hot glue gun

First, paint the paper rolls and let them dry. Use a hole puncher to create holes on both ends for the straws. Cut the straws just a little smaller than the toothpicks. You will insert the toothpick inside the straw, then the straws inside the holes, creating the axle for the wheels. Use your hammer and nail through the center of each plastic lid, (using a nail the width of the toothpick). This will create the hole for the toothpick. The lids will go on each end of the toothpick and hot glue in place.

You can find a fancier “How To” version here.
I have to add that these aren’t the sturdiest cars! They certainly didn’t last very long, but were very fun to make and a great lesson to teach your kids how to recycle ordinary things in new ways! I thought they could make great stocking stuffers.

2) Frame Your Child’s Masterpiece
This is so easy and can be a great treasure for any grandma, mom or special family member to receive. I purchased half price pre-cut matte’s at the local craft store.Tape the artwork on the back, and tape a piece of yarn, length wise, for hanging.

3) Support Hand-Made Artists
Times are tough and money is tight. Think about spending your money more wisely this year by discovering and supporting a new artist. So many of us creative mom’s want to stay home with our kids, but still have to nurture our creative spirits (and bring home some bacon), and nothing helps more than keeping our art going!

Go to ETSY and play around. And check out a few of my new favs:

Andrea Stern
(10% of her proceeds in December go to Toys for Tots)
(Ok, yes, this is me! I have found it hard to promote my own artwork,
and I’m changing that. I have to be one of my favorites, right?)

Give your kids the best gift ever, by giving YOURSELF the gift of rejuvenation!
5) Take a Virtual Restore and Renew Retreat
You can find so many amazing mom’s doing really amazing things through the web. The following women offer mindful writings, products and services that support your personal wellness.

Owning Pink is a beautiful community started by the lovely Lissa Rankin. Her blog offers wonderful reminders and support that invite you to feel safe while exploring your truth. Give yourself, or a mom in your life, the gift of renewal by introducing her to this lovely community.

Hip Mountain Mama is one of my favorite Twitter friends. Suzy owns a family business in Colorado that offers all natural products for mama’s and babies. She also shares awesome craft ideas on her blog. And sticking with the recycling theme, check out her “One Small Change” project and join the challenge. You are bound to feel revitalized after a visit there.
Here I go again…but let me remind you, that Kestan put me up to this blog entry. He loves his mommy and thinks my upcoming e-course is going to be especially awesome for other mommies. (And so do I!)
If you are looking to renew your spirit, set intentions (and stick to them) for a new year & new life, looking for more balance between your personal wellness and interests with your responsibilities, and wanting to put YOURSELF first, then think about signing up for Inside Out: A Creative Adventure of Self-Discovery. It’s the best $39 you can spend on you, and you get to participate at your own pace, in your comfy home, under your favorite blanket. Learn more about why I created the class, here. (Gift certificates available!)
Your Personal Reflection: What small gift will you give yourself this season that doesn’t cost much, but offers huge rewards?

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