I’m Shannon Kinney-Düh

Holistic life coach | Reiki Master | Meditation Teacher

I have been a teacher and student of the healing arts for most of my life.

I’m a certified Hatha yoga and meditation teacher, holistic life coach, Reiki master, obsessed with Human Design, artist, boy mom and a lover of life.

A Free Spirit Life is a sacred and welcoming place where you can rediscover your true nature and feel safe being who you are.   

In my courses, workshops, wellness retreats, one-on-one coaching and energy healing sessions you will gain the freedom that comes when you remember what you already know deep down inside – that you are complete, whole and beautiful – just as you are.

My Story

Somewhere along the path to adulthood I really started believing that I wasn’t good at anything, that I wasn’t creative and that something must be wrong with me since I felt different.  I learned how to stay quiet, watch from a distance and please others. I learned to put my needs last and serve others first.

 I didn’t believe I was enough. I was disconnected from my own worth and inner gifts.

 The more I learned about my true self and connected to my intuition, the more my life has changed. Yoga and meditation taught me that I was not my negative thoughts.  Art exploration taught me that we all have creative spirits that need to be expressed.  Reiki taught me about energy and the natural flow of life.  Journaling helped center me and look within. Motherhood taught me courage and to practice trust.  I’ve learned that the greatest path to freedom and abundance is the one where we love ourselves wholeheartedly.

I love creating experiences that inspire women like you to feel more joy, that ignite and nurture your creativity and that cultivate the courage it takes to live an authentic, imperfect and more peaceful life.

Learning more about yourself and seeing how you own blind spots are blocking you from embracing your creative, intuitive and authentic essence and living in flow, is a big part of your self-discovery journey and transformation.

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