There are two signs that winter is still in the air:  1) it snowed last week and 2) the flu hit our home. The snow lasted the morning, but unfortunately the flu knocked out my family for days (fortunately, the youngest may have been spared), and I’m the last to catch it and recoup from it.  I’m on day 5 of lying around and doing what I can to get better.  Luckily, my babysitter took the boys out to the park because being stuck in the house with no energy with two boys whose energy never stops, well I’m sure you can guess I was starting to feel like a caged animal stuck with some very wild beasts!

I hear birds chirping.  I see through my window that the lilac bushes are blooming.  I’m grateful for my health that is sure to return very soon. Almost there.  New beginnings await.  Until then, I rest.  And I feel excited knowing that the sun is warming the earth and seeds are sprouting, and others are almost ready to be planted.

Your Personal Reflection:

What new seeds are sprouting in your life and what new beginnings are you ready to see emerge?

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