Since my Who Are They? post I’ve received many mindful comments from those of you who relate to this feeling of wanting to embrace an authentic life – no matter what.  I sense so much change going on – don’t you?  (Enjoy this great read about the solar eclipse happening now.)  It’s like we’re done with consuming, buying, and hoarding.  We want to live more simply. We want to clear the clutter.  We want to breathe again.  We want space for what truly matters most.
With this past week of making bigger changes, I’m reminded that gaining new awareness isn’t always an easy road.  You know, like when you find out what’s really in your food (watch Food, Inc.), well, once you become aware, it takes more work to make changes in your diet, to read labels and to learn where your food comes from.  It’s a lot easier to go on blindly eating whatever comes your way.  But easier isn’t always better, right?  And eventually, your new found awareness becomes second nature, your new way of life, and it’s easy once again.
So in celebration of choosing an authentic, abundant life, I’m posting this photo as a reminder of what matters most in my life.  Love, family, growth, celebration, inspiration, connection, nature, compassion, simplicity, the present moment, happiness and awareness…
And I share this with you because I know you are feeling the itch in your belly to make bigger changes, too.  So go for it.  Choose authenticity.  Choose abundance.  Become aware of what matters most in your life.  And do it, one small step at a time, starting today.
Your Personal Reflection:  What kind of life are you choosing to live?

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