Tonight before bedtime I had two naked boys running around the house.

The diaperless 2-year-old was left alone for a few minutes in his room, only to be discovered moments later smearing poop into the carpet.

My bed was covered with unfolded clothes and instead of taking the time to fold them, this tired pregnant mama (of another boy!) threw them on the floor to deal with tomorrow.

The art room was left with scraps of paper and markers thrown about.

Not all evenings are like this.  But, tonight just happened to be one of them.

And that’s just part of being a mom.

Being a mom is a lot of work.  I never knew what to expect before becoming one.  Does anyone really?  But once you do discover what’s on the other side of birthing a child, you find you have a common bond with all the mothers before you – a camaraderie of sorts – a secret knowing what this job is really like.  You become part of the mama club.

When you are a member of the mama club, you don’t have to explain the rewards of being a mom.  You don’t have to explain the joys.  You don’t have to explain the challenges.  We moms are fully aware of them all.

And sometimes we get super busy.  We get caught up in “keeping up” – trying to be like others or just trying to make it through the day.  We put on that face.  You know…the one that tells the world,  Everything is just fine. But sometimes…it just isn’t.  And no matter what…we need each other.  We need to know we’re not alone.  We need to slow down. We need to rest.  We need time with friends. We need wine or dark chocolate.  We need reality TV.  We need a good book, a good laugh, a good bubble bath or a retreat away from it all.

Sometimes we need to shed our doubts.  Sometimes we need to cry.  Sometimes we need to laugh our asses off.

Sometimes we need to reconnect to our intuition, express our creativity, get messy, and live out our hidden dreams.
Sometimes we just need to mother our OWN hearts.

And that’s what Mothering with heART is about – taking time for ourselves and learning how to integrate the need for creativity, downtime, play and FUN into our daily lives while raising children.  And when we learn to nourish our own souls each day, we are nourishing our children’s souls, too.  Because that’s the cool thing about being a mom.  We’re bonded to these little people.  And they sense when we are happy.  They learn from our example.  So the more we return to our true selves and our authentic way of being in the world, we end up passing that on to our kids.  And that means more inner peace, love, joy and happiness for us all!

I’m incredibly honored and excited to share with you a group of AMAZING moms, business women, writers, artists, life coaches and much more who are sharing parts and pieces of their mothering journey with us in my newest online experience, Mothering with heART. Check out the link below to meet them!



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