My Creative Space
I’ve finished what I’m calling the “first phase” of clearing clutter in my creative space.  I’ve needed more table space for months.  And more than anything, I’ve wanted this space to stay clear, as a way to invite my next creative project to emerge.  I walk in and see this open space and it just feels good.
Special Things in Art Space
This shelf is where I keep my very special things.  It may look cluttered to you, but I find it to be very inspiring.  Only my favorite treasures get a place here.
Yarn Cubbie
I’ve cleared out all materials that don’t relate to art journaling and painting.  So my special fabrics, beads, wool, and felting supplies have all made their way to a small art cabinet in the basement.  I just couldn’t take out my yarn, though, as I can always find time and space for knitting.
Cluttered Studio
I cleared and organized my office supplies.
Books to Clear
I went through every last book I own.  This was definitely a hard task for me as I love my books.  I kept the ones that make me smile, have a special story, were from a good friend, or bring joy and inspiration into my life.  I gave away my favorite fiction books to friends who were interested.  And I donated the rest.  Even ones that I love and have a special connection to.  If I knew that I hadn’t opened it in months, then it was time for it to have a new life.  A book’s purpose should not be to collect dust.  They should be experienced.

Many of you know we let go of cable this summer.  I kept a small TV in my art room where I could still get basic channels.  I hardly ever used it and it always seemed to be in the way.  I literally had to wheel it out of my closet before I could get to my art supplies.  It’s now gone.  It feels great!

Files to Clear
I went through piles and piles and piles of paperwork and files.  Including the one in my office, we have two other file cabinets in the basement with old household and personal business.  This was definitely a chore and by the end of the week I filled up our recycle bin with a lot of my past.  As you can see, I still have some piles to sort through, including CD’s.  Oh man…the CD’s…what to do with my old CD’s?  Which then reminds me of the digital clutter I have yet to attack!

All in due time.  Slow, relaxed, gentle steps…  
And now I sit in this new space… 
And I feel a shift taking place…
Your Personal Reflection:  What slow, relaxed, gentle steps can you take, starting today, to clear some clutter from your life?  Need more inspiration, check out these 5 Tips to Declutter Your Life.
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