creativity toolkit

Creativity is your birthright. You are naturally joyous, courageous and strong, wise and loving. Explore your inner creativity and share your gifts with the world.

creativity-toolkitCreativity is a gift you carry with you into the world.

It’s a part of your inner wisdom, a part of who you really are inside. And it’s yours to explore and express to the world. You make room for creativity by discovering and accepting yourself and being present in your unfolding life. I’ve put together a few tools to get you started.


Your tool kit includes…

  • a welcome video introducing you to a Free Spirit Life
  • journal prompts to help you observe, reflect, and connect with your inner wisdom and creativity
  • guided audio reflections to help you explore mindfulness and creativity any time…even in the middle of your busiest day
  • practical training and inspiration to help you on your journey to a Free Spirit Life

You can live freely each and every day. Making Room for Creativity contains tools you’ll turn to over and over…to calm your mind, find balance in your life and embrace the unique brilliance inside your heart.

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