My boys in fall
Slow down and enjoy life.  
It’s not only the scenery 
you miss by going too fast 
– you also miss the sense of where 
you are going and why.
-Eddie Cantor
Yesterday was the perfect day.  The weather got up into the mid-60’s, the sun was out and the fall colors are still quite magnificent.  I took the boys on a much needed exploration day in the park (as the day before they felt a lot like wild caged animals in the house (full moon anyone?!).  We picnicked, we walked, we climbed, and we moved very slowly, stopping to enjoy the beauty around us and looking for “hidden treasures” along the way.
And what I always seem to discover when I’m with my boys, with no agenda or time restraints, is that the relaxed and carefree feeling that comes in these moments IS the hidden treasure in itself.
So today, I’m thankful for the clarity that comes in the space between all the running, going, and doing.  And as I move throughout my day today I will spontaneously thank those who cross my path.
Your Personal Reflection:  Slow down and enjoy the scenery in your life today. What hidden treasures will you find?
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