My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.
-Author Unknown

When I walked into my mom’s house yesterday I noticed our best pal and family dog, Cooper, settling into his bed, as if he were getting ready for a long winter’s nap.  I paused. I watched him.  And in that moment I realized, our sweet little beagle has aged.  
My mom and sister brought Cooper home around 12 years ago and at the time I was still living in Colorado.  A year or so later I returned home and lived with my mom as I regained my footing into a new stage of my life.  I was searching and confused and trying to figure out who I was and where I was going and what I wanted out of life.
Me and Coops
And Cooper was always there for me.  I have such vivid memories of that time period and remember Cooper snuggling by my side.  He’s always been that kind of dog that will stare intensely into your eyes, never licking your face, just looking deep inside your soul as if he knows something.  Or as if he wants you to know something.  Whatever the case may be, there has always been a sense of comfort I’ve felt when I take the time to be in his presence.
So today, I thank Cooper, for being there for me.  And for being there for our family.  He’s been quite a companion, especially for my mom.  Sure, over the last 12 years he’s ran away numerous times, displaced the bathroom trash all over the house and god knows how many meals Cooper has ruined by his quick maneuvers and hound dog scent.  But as any dog lover knows, none of that matters when they do what they do best – love you for who you are – no matter what.  
Your Personal Reflection:  Thank someone, a person or an animal, in your life who loves you just the way you are – no matter what.