Hard to believe summer is coming to an end.  And although September is near, it still feels like summer around these parts.  It’s hot and humid, and I have a constant craving to be outside as much as possible!   So I think I can still get away with posting about a really cool book I discovered by Anni Daulter called Ice Pop Joy.

This beautiful book offers a collection of healthy, organic ice pop recipes that are super yummy and so fun to make.

Ice pop photos from Anni Daulter’s website.

The recipes include foods you would expect to see in a homemade ice pop – like strawberries and blueberries, and foods you may never think to use – like kale, kidney beans, walnuts, and quinoa!  There are recipes for veggie pops, yogurt pops, herbal tea pops and more.


What I love about this book is it offers suggestions on how to introduce healthy foods your kids usually say “ewwww” to.  There are so many recipes to choose from that everyone in the family will find one they love.  I especially enjoy “Granola Goodness,” which includes rice milk, bananas, vanilla flavored granola and wheat germ.

Kestan's Popsicle Fun

Kestan loves the “Blackberry Swirl” which has blackberries, lemon juice, banana, agave and yogurt.

For someone who doesn’t like giving her kids sugar, I feel so happy when I see them eating an ice pop that has spinach and kale mixed in!  Now, when I make a green smoothie in the morning I add the leftovers to the ice pop molds – easy, delicious and soooo good.  (They are great for teething babies, too!)

Anni offers suggestions in her book on safe ice pop molds.  I’ve been using the stainless steel molds and they work great.

I found this book to be such an inspiration all summer long.  And I know I’ll be referring to it year round because we are ice pop over-joyed!
Your Personal Reflection:  What’s your favorite summertime treat? 

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