Energize Your Life

The process

What’s included in the Energize Your Life session?

Once you fill out a simple questionnaire, you’re gifted with a two-part digital experience. You’ll receive an Introduction to Your Authentic Self, a written summary of your personal Human Design chart. You’ll also receive a Personal Energy Reading. This is a 20-minute reading delivered in the form of an audio link. You’ll receive practical tips and intuitive guidance to help you feel more aligned with your energy. Everything is beautifully packaged in an email and sent right to your inbox. This session is available right now for $125.

You can expect your Energize Your Life session to arrive in your inbox within 3-5 days from the date of purchase.

Energize Your Life Testimonial: 

How Your Digital Coaching Session Works:

Sign Up

After paying the $125 consultation fee, you will receive a personal email from me that welcomes you to the experience and includes a link to a short questionnaire.

Send Your Responses

Spend a few thoughtful minutes answering all of the questions, such as your birth date, time, and location, as well as your current energy levels and areas in your life where you may be feeling stuck or frustrated.

Get Excited

Once I receive your responses, I’ll begin the evaluation process. Using your human design chart, exploring your energy centers and more, I’ll create your energy reading.

Receive Your Insights

This is where your transformation begins! You’ll receive a beautifully designed email from me with empowering information about your specific energy type, as well as suggestions, tips, and resources to help energize and align your energy centers.

What others say

“Shannon, this was by far the most useful reading ever.  I am so grateful you learned to do this and are sharing your talents!  You urged me to use dance and my fiddle playing to recharge and focus. I was a professional modern dancer before my accident.  You told me how to reach satisfaction and clarity – the only two words I have on my vision board!  Thank you, Shannon, and you have the best voice ever to listen to!” ~ Beth

“Shannon went above and beyond! The information was fascinating. Some things really resonated right away, and others I am slowly accepting as my truth. I’m seeing more and more how to apply what I have learned to help improve my life. Thank you so much!” ~ Amanda

“I was utterly gobsmacked at the accuracy of my Human Design reading. It validated things I already knew about myself, but more importantly, I have a better understanding of how to utilize my time and energy better! Shannon is so well versed and led me through my chart with a great understanding of how every little aspect of me works together.”  ~ Valarie

Ready for a Full Human Design Reading?

If you’re interested in a deep dive into your human design chart where I go over everything including your type, authority, profile, how you best make decisions, your intuition, your gates and channels, your life’s theme and more in great detail, you can skip the Energize Your Life session and book a 60-minute full audio reading for $250.  Visit here for those details.

Let’s energize your life!