I was in the middle of having a minor meltdown, when a thunderstorm hit.

I was feeling tired from the heat.
Tired of the noise.
Tired from being up a lot of the night with our new puppy.

The daily responsibilities that come with raising kids and ya know, just tending to life in general, well it gets tiring when it feels too much.

You feel me?

In the midst of feeling tired by everything going on, this storm caused the power to surge. The lightening flashed. The rain poured down, crazy fast and at a diagonal. The wind was scary.

In that moment, whatever I was melting down about was set aside, until it looked like the storm was passing, and then off to sleep I went.

The next morning we woke up to find one of our huge trees had fallen down, pulling its roots from the earth, leaving a gaping hole, and snapping two other trees on its landing.

We spent the morning cleaning up the yard, picking up what felt like thousands of branches.

What struck me about this tree is it was completely “uprooted.”

And it got me thinking about what being “uprooted” in our own lives looks and feels like.

I asked the freely members in my Live Freely Circle this question and here are just a few of their responses…

Being uprooted means to me:

* “Every time I put down roots in a new community and start to feel ‘settled’ and then have those roots torn up again – that’s being uprooted. The last time was the worst and left me feeling too vulnerable to grow my roots again. I think being uprooted is a kind of trauma and it’s important to be gentle with ourselves as we process it. The positive is it forces me to focus on and acknowledge where my heart really is.”

* “…feels like another test to my commitment and a hint to inner search my soul.”

* “…unbalanced, off-kilter, fear of the unknown, anxious.”

* “…suddenly you don’t feel so safe.”

* “…means uncertainty, having a lack of control, and having a floating feeling.”

Wow, I love their thoughts on this topic!

What I’m seeing in my own life is, it’s time to make a shift. It’s time to make a change. It’s time to uproot, let go, move on and try something new.

I think life gives us a series of clues…signs that tell us it’s time to uproot and wake up. And I see how nature acts in the very same way. The wind blows gently. Then it gets stronger. Sometimes we notice it, but sometimes we don’t.

At some point, nature (and our lives) blow in a freakin’ storm.

Do you think that’s natures way of telling the trees that are gripping too tightly to their old branches that it’s time to let go? If the gentle breeze won’t do it, nature’s like, It’s time to bring out the guns. Finally, the old trees give in. Ok, already. I’m letting go!

Notice what it feels like in your own life – is there something you continue to hold on to or grip, but you know in your heart it’s time to let it go?

It’s time for a change.

I’m ready to take these roots that have been “uprooted” and cultivate a better foundation. I’d like to go deeper this time, create a soil that’s more sustainable, that’s richer and that’s a good, healthy place to grow deeper roots.

I’m ready to break free of the old story that repeats the same old pattern.

I’m ready to root somewhere new. How about you?

Your Personal Reflection:

What does being “uprooted” mean to you? When in your life do you feel this way? What’s the lesson you can learn about yourself in this ungrounded, uncertain place? Just like the trees’ branches in a storm, what are you holding on to? Is there something you are ready to let go of even if it feels a little vulnerable or scary?

What’s stopping you?

What does being “uprooted” mean to you and what are you ready to let go of?

Be well my friend.