Several weeks ago I sent a felted necklace to a beautiful woman, and new friend, who lives in The Netherlands.  I think my necklace was sent to Neverland instead, because she never received it. I felt sad about it for a few days, but then decided that maybe someone else is enjoying that necklace somewhere, and I was grateful that I had all the wool and beads to recreate a new one.

It felt so good to get my hands on some fiber again.  Ever since launching my e-course in January, I haven’t touched any wool or yarn, and doing so brings me great joy.  I love the texture.  I love the smell.  I love the comfort I feel when my hands are in the wool.  I’ve been feeling in need of some restore time, and I find felting to be such a peaceful activity.

After making the beads for the new necklace, I pulled out an old project that I never finished.  It’s a flower landscape, and considering I’m still craving spring, I thought it would be the perfect project to brighten my mood.

Not sure if I’ll ever really feel finished with this piece.  I kind of like the organic, alive quality it has as I continue to add and change things to it every so often.  It feels like the garden is growing over time.
Regardless, gifting myself with time to do something that I love, helped me feel more creatively inspired, energized, and reminded me of the healing qualities that come from making art.
And since I know so many of you are also itching for spring, I thought I’d leave you with a bouquet of colorful flowers.  If I can’t see the flowers blooming in my yard, I might as well make some that last year round.
Your Personal Reflection: What creative activity helps restore and energize you?

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