kestan birthday

“Mom, every time I close my eyes I see my cupcake.” – Kestan, age 4

Today my sweet little boy turns four.  He had a wonderful party yesterday with all of his family and friends.  The presents, the place, and of course the cupcakes, were all great. But the very best part was watching Kestan beam, as he felt loved by all the special people in his life.  He grew up a little more.  He exuded confidence.  He laughed and played and bounced around like any excited four year old would.

And as I look at him today, of course, I can still see that brand new baby who took 9 months to grow and 36 hours of labor to be born.  But now I see something new – a little boy coming into his own.  A boy heading down a different path – one of making new friends, discovering new discoveries, taking new adventures that test his courage, and a new found freedom and enthusiasm that simply comes from being four.



What a gift it is to be a mother. Thank you, my sweetest first born, for teaching me what pure love, joy and bliss are all about.

Your Personal Reflection:  If you could stop for a moment and see the world today as a four year old, what would you see?

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