Holistic Life Coaching & Spiritual Mentoring

Each session includes a 60 minute coaching call on the phone and a follow-up email one week after our time together.  I offer a limited amount of in-person sessions in the Kansas City area.  Click here to learn more about my Life Coaching + Reiki Energy Healing sessions.

So often we find ourselves stuck in old stories about who we think we should be or how we think we should live our lives – and we’re left feeling confused, frustrated and overwhelmed.

These stories cause fear and anxiety, and contribute to self-doubt, low sense of self-worth and disconnection from our authentic self. We end up missing our lives, feeling lost while running on overdrive – doing too much but feeling like we’re never doing enough.

It’s time to change our stories.


What is holistic life coaching and spiritual mentoring?

Holistic Life Coaching and Spiritual Mentoring is a powerful practice that helps you access your highest potential in a deep, transformative way.  It is holistic in nature, which means we explore the connection between your mind, body and spirit.  
When you awaken to how your thoughts effect your body and energy levels, you can start to make the changes necessary to bring the them into union, which leads to a healthy foundation for your life.
We all have blind spots and so often we repeat the same thoughts and behaviors that keep us feeling limited and unhappy.  Holistic life coaching not only helps you break free of the obstacles that keep you feeling stuck, but it invites you to reconnect to your true nature and purpose, all while creating a mindful action plan for a more prosperous future.

Life coaching inspires you to live in harmony to your dreams so you don’t stay stuck in your fears.

My life coaching sessions are for women who want to live a life that is a reflection of who they truly are, and who want to experience their fullest potential and brilliance while creating a life of clarity, courage, creativity, connection and contentment.

Life coaching is a powerful practice that supports your desire to live an authentic, empowered and intentional life.


I offer a unique style of holistic life and spiritual coaching where I merge my life coaching training and 15 years of yoga, mindfulness and meditation teaching with my intuition, creativity, compassion and business sense.

During our time together, I become your supportive mentor, an accountability partner, a listening presence and nurturing guide who offers you a safe space to explore who you are, and who you are becoming.

I offer encouragement, non-judgement, motivation and practical techniques that will help you create mindful action as you move towards your life, personal and business goals.


My coaching and mentoring services focus on helping you: 

* awaken to your own wisdom and reconnect to your true nature,
* listen to your intuition,
* discover your true calling and cultivate the courage to follow where it leads,
* embrace and accept the mess and chaos that’s a natural part of life,
* learn how to let go of perfectionism,
* find a new work, family and life balance,
* move beyond fears, self-doubt, worry and anxiety,
* make the changes you want to see and take mindful action with confidence,
* live more intentional, mindful and in the present moment,
* eliminate distractions and simplify your daily life,
* move through stress and overwhelm and find more peace, clarity and connection,
* get organized and find time for your interests, work and creative passions,
* gain clarity around your work and vocation,
* setting manageable and attainable goals and sticking to them,
* create self-care and soul-care rituals to support your health, personal growth and well-being,
* feel contentment and inner peace.


Are you ready to see the abundant results that come from living with mindfulness, authenticity, courage and clarity?

Listen to this podcast episode below to learn more about my holistic life coaching practice.


I’m excited to hear from you and I am grateful for the opportunity to partner with you on your life’s path.


 Visit here to read more testimonials from past beautiful souls I’ve worked with.

I started life coaching with Shannon not quite knowing what to expect, but I soon learned that talking with Shannon was like talking to an old friend, where the conversation picked up right where it left off, was filled with trust, and flowed with ease. Shannon is a caring and compassionate life coach, intuitively knowing what you need to focus on and asking the direct, and sometimes pointed, questions to get to the heart of the matter.
Shannon provides you with loving guidance in the form of her warmhearted, responsive comments and journaling prompts, which are always unique to the client with whom she is working. Shannon is readily-available to talk via text, phone, or Voxer and offered me individual counseling through rough patches throughout our months of coaching together.
At times, I felt directionless, and Shannon provided me with directions. At times, I felt worried, and Shannon provided me with welcome relief. At times, I felt unworthy, and Shannon showed me my value. More than anything, Shannon is abundantly understanding of each person’s exclusive needs and goals and successfully provides each person with an excellent, empathetic and love-filled life coaching experience.
Shannon is a remarkably beautiful human being, inside and out, and if you have the chance to work with her, in a coaching capacity, in one of her courses, or on retreat, you will be forever changed for the better.  
Amy P.

Your coaching video was a wonderful piece to get me back on track and I really loved how you broke my messy feelings into simple categories, and really kept the advice simple and doable.  I felt that you were authentically able to relate to me, and that your advice was doable given you are in the throws of motherhood yourself.  Thank you so much for your coaching gift!


You are bloody brilliant. I love the way you encourage me to look at the world in such a different way. Thank you for being you!


“Shannon’s guidance through life coaching absolutely helped me make some tough decisions.  Having a compassionate and keen inclination from an outside voice enabled me to feel at peace with the resolutions I came to.”


You know what? When I think of you, I feel peaceful. I am amazed how you handle life in such a peaceful and trusting way! You are so very inspiring. I’m trying hard to stay in a peaceful and trusting place in order to see my life unfold in a way that reflects my inner-self. Not that easy though. But on the other hand, life is so beautiful. I guess I need to produce more yummy stuff for me in order to fill in my creative well and nurture my soul. I am glad I have friends like you that I can rely on to keep me on that wonderful and fulfilling path of creativity in a peaceful way!


Thank you for your wonderful heartfelt and wise insights and sharing. I really love the focus and clarity you gain and the vibrancy, love and enthusiasm you bring to life and share with others. It really comes through so much, Shannon. Lots of love to you and your family and sending full gratitude to you for being such a shining star.


Thank you, Shannon.  Your teaching is nothing short of AMAZING.  I so needed to hear everything that you had to share.  I took pages of colorful notes in my journal to go back to.  I am feeling revved up and empowered, yet still trying to build up my courage as I am in the midst of a very complicated crossroads.


You are opening something up in me that I didn’t know I needed.  I tried fixing it other ways, with more sleep, more complaining and venting.  Your courses reached me through inspiration and reflection, addressing vital needs that I had ignored for so long and didn’t realize were the root of my struggles.  I’m so excited about my life right now!