I Love Happy 5-Day Challenge (it’s fun & free)!

Join me for the I Love Happy 5-Day Challenge!

(Sign-up below – It’s free.)

Do you ever get lost in the day-to-day and feel like you sometimes lose touch with your inner dreams – you know – the ones you had before kids or before life felt so chaotic and stressful?  

Are you missing connection to your creativity (or feel sad that you never find the time for it)? Do you feel a deep need to express yourself – outside of your daily responsibilities?  Do you feel that if you stop, even just for 5 minutes, that everything may fall apart?

Are you so tired or overwhelmed that you sometimes find it difficult to see the beauty and joy amidst the challenges?  Are you in need of a creative jolt?  Are you longing to connect with a like-minded community?  Do you have an interest in journaling or art as a self-discovery practice?

Do you want to feel more connected to the things that make you feel happy?

The I Love Happy Art Journaling Challenge is for women all over the world to come together and support each other while we slow down, focus on gratitude and reconnect to our inner dreams ready to be nurtured.


This very simple art journaling challenge includes daily prompts for 5-days that will fit easily into your day, yet will provide you with the questions, insight and encouragement to creatively spark and inspire your messy, imperfect, beautiful daily life.

Join us June 26th – June 30th, for the I Love Happy Challenge!

Together, we will make space to pause, to put pen to paper and to journal about a moment of beauty in the every day chaos of life.

Every day, in every moment really, there are bits of love, beauty and joy available to us (even in the mess and chaos).

Let’s explore those places together, and have some fun shining light on what makes YOU feel happy!

The Simple Details:

Step 1:

Once you sign up for this free challenge (enter your email below), make sure you also become a member of our private A Free Spirit Life Facebook page.  This is where all the sharing during our challenge will be held.  Click here to join the Facebook community.

Step 2:

From Monday, June 26th – June 29th, I will share daily doses of inspiration and prompts on living an authentic, creative and happy life while making time and space for what matters most to you.

Step 3:

You will set aside just a few minutes each day during the 5 day challenge to write, play and reflect in your journal.  This simple, yet powerful practice can help you feel more at peace in the present moment, reinvigorate those hidden dreams and give you the courage to follow your heart.

There is such power in making time and space to create art and journal.  You will experience authentic awakening when you join us.

There is absolutely NO art or journaling experience necessary. The inspiration and prompts are great for beginners, as well as those who’ve been journaling for years.

Right now – in this very moment – celebrate YOUR happy!

It’s easy and fun.

This challenge is not about putting a smile on your face when you aren’t feeling it.  It’s about taking time to see your life in a new way.  Because when you change your perspective and outlook and slow down enough to see the happy in your life, the more connected you will become – moment by moment – to the true joy and creative dreams that are already (and always) there.


Be kind to yourself.  Let go of being perfect. Celebrate the messy moments in life. Have fun. 🙂