If you’ve been reading my blog this summer you know that I’ve hosted the challenge, i love happy.  It’s been a wonderful way to remind my more serious side to soak up the true blessings that the playful sun of summer brings.  Since the beginning of June, my i love happy moments included restoring and playing on the beach, reconnecting with my beautiful partner, trusting my heart, celebrating the joy of family, laughing after the tears, having the courage to be authentic, going for it, enjoying the simple moments, walking forward, and embracing and letting go of perfect.


i love happy is…

sitting here quietly in this moment,

noticing the signs that summer is nearing its end,

 feeling grateful for the challenges and gifts that have come my way over the past few months,

and knowing I’m ready to settle in to the new beginnings that change is bringing.

The Give Away:

What new beginnings do you see starting to manifest in your life?  Are you ready to accept and invite the change that is coming your way?  Let me know here for your chance to win a spot in my upcoming Inside Out: A Creative Adventure of Self-Discovery e-course.

You can do one OR all of the following to enter:

1) For your first chance to win:  leave a comment on this blog post

2) For your second chance to win:  “like” A Free Spirit Life Facebook page (If you are already a fan, simply remind me in the comments section for another chance to enter.)

3) For your third chance to win:   send a Tweet about this give-away or share the Inside Out e-course link with a friend.

I will announce a winner on Tuesday, September 4th!

Your Personal Reflection:

i love happy is not about putting a smile on your face when you aren’t feeling it.  It’s about seeing your life in a new way.  Feel the joy around you today and notice the happy you see.  Be open to the new beginnings and possibilities that are ready to unfold, because although change is scary, the magic happens when you find the courage to walk through to the other side.