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Inside Out: A Creative Adventure of Self-Discovery e-course registration opens TODAY!

This is the 5th time I’m offering this course and I couldn’t be more excited.  This 5-week life experience gives you an opportunity to become a bold explorer of your inner world. You know, that place where your secret wishes and creative yearnings live.  You’ll discover new things about yourself and learn how to shine light on those dreams ready to manifest.

The course is full of daily reflections and inspiration, creative play activities, art journaling, weekly yoga poses and guided audio meditations.  One of the best parts about this course is that you get to do the exercises in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, while connecting to women from all over the world through our on-line community. (Inside Out has reached over 16 countries and counting!)

If you sign-up by this Friday, August 5th, you will get to take advantage of my early bird special at the discounted price of $79.  This is a $20 savings.  (By the way, I’ve added another week of yummy, creative goodness, too.)  And if you’ve already taken this course in the past, you get an even greater discount – so email me directly for details. (livefreely@mac.com).

Inside Out runs from September 12th – October 21st, 2011.  
The on-line material will be available 4 weeks after class, and you will receive PDF’s to download, so the class can fit around your schedule.

 Space is limited so do sign-up early to reserve your spot. 

To register at the early bird price of $79 for 5-weeks, visit HERE.
To learn more about the course, visit HERE.
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I could continue telling you just how wonderful the course is, how life changing the process can be and all the other amazing benefits you will receive once you sign-up.  But instead, I’ll let some of the past participants do that for me.  Throughout this next month, I’ll be sharing testimonials from Inside Out graduates, so you can get inspired by all of the beautiful changes they continue to make in their lives.

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I thought I’d share just a few with you today…

“I would say to anyone wanting to connect (or re-connect) with their inner artist that they should pay a visit to Free Spirit Knits and invest in the Inside Out e-course.  I’ve experienced this amazing e-course twice and my creative life has been transformed because of it.  I am now much more confident about expressing myself creatively and not worrying about the outcome, learning to just trust the process.  There is nothing more freeing than ‘playing’ with paint, being a child again, creating for the fun of it.  And this e-course will definitely let you do that!  There’s also a great on-line community where you can feel perfectly safe sharing all your creations and connect with like-minded souls.”        -Jennifer, UK

“The course really helped me reconnect with my love of creativity and helped me try out different, simple, fun and colourful ways to explore and connect with my creative self, and especially to know that I can make the time and space for that most days when I choose to.  It really helped me to look within a little, take the time for that self-reflection and actually be intentional about that, and journaling about it rather than just a passing thought.  As a stay at home mum of a toddler, I often found I really didn’t prioritise or make the space for this important self-reflection and care.  It was really wonderful, encouraging, warm and inspiring to be able to share the journey with so many other women across the globe through the online community, and nice to still keep in touch with many of them.” -Katie, Australia


“I loved Inside Out and it has done so much for me in so many ways, even though I am up in years, it is never too late to change and learn.  I have been changing my life and really letting a lot of the artist side of me come to the surface.  I love the ideas Shannon gave us to follow, think about, as she encouraged us to let ourselves go, which has been a very meaningful and eye opening experience.  I am now trying to put some new ideas of mine to paper again, through writing, and I’m experiencing the joy of putting my thoughts down and expressing how I feel about aging and life in general at this time in my life.  I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who wants to know what makes them tick, and to reveal some of their thoughts, feelings and expressions that are ready to take flight.” -Iris, US, age 70+

To read more testimonials, visit HERE.

I’m so excited to share this journey with YOU…


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