Our Maple Tree
Photo taken by Chris Duh.

The leaves have fallen from this amazing maple tree that stands in our front yard.  Although I didn’t do much of the raking this year, I did get a chance to play in the leaves with the boys, and as always, that brings back such fond memories of growing up in the Midwest.

I feel so filled up this time of year.  And as I see the leaves fall it reminds me that the long winter is on its way.  Winter represents a time for solitude, for rest and for slowing down to go deeper within.  It is especially important during this season to listen and to reflect.  The year is coming to an end, and with the start of a new year we are provided with the gift of new beginnings.

In preparation for the new journeys that await you, take time to really listen to the whisper inside, that quiet voice that’s gently guiding you on YOUR path.  What is it your heart is telling you?

I’ve heard from so many of you that you are ready for a big change in your life – one that helps you embrace your authentic place and purpose in the world, and one that helps you fully express your creativity.  For those of you who want to create the life you LOVE – one you truly love every day – then check out these exciting opportunities.

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Being Messy
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Your Personal Reflection:  What are your inner voices saying and are you ready to listen?

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