For me, this photo represents vast spaciousness – something I find myself needing more and more of with each passing day. (And one of the reasons why I took a week off from my blog. Glad to be back!) What started as a de-clutter December project, has now turned into my personal quest for the year of 2010. (This week I’ll be introducing “Reduce Clutter; Create Space, 2010” project. I hope you’ll join me!)

What does this mean? Well, every year around this time, I grab a warm drink, my favorite pen, and my journal, and I reflect on the past 12 months. I write about the events and celebrations that stand out. I write about lessons I’ve learned. I write about where I find myself in this moment as I approach a new year.

Rather than write resolutions, I usually write a word or phrase that sets my intentions for the coming year. Sometimes I think about it for weeks, and sometimes the phrase comes instantly. This past month of clearing clutter has erupted a deep desire in my soul to let go of more.

So my intention for this next year is to create S P A C E. I intuitively know that the more space I create, the more open my heart feels. And the more open my heart is, the more peaceful I feel.

I look around my environment, and what was once a place that suited my needs, has now felt as though I’m being swallowed in it. The more I clear, the more piles I find. And these piles are sneaky and hidden. Because on an external level, my house looks clean and orderly. But, when I start to go deeper, I find more and more treasures to sift through and learn from. It’s hard. I get why so many of us avoid going deeper in our lives. Sometimes it’s easier to not see. To stuff it away. To hide it in the closet. The drawers. Sweep it under the rug. But the physical stuff, the tightness in my throat, and the mental chatter reminds me that I CAN’T live that way. I need to go deeper. I need to clear. I need to breathe. I need to feel free. I need to be.
The creation of more space in my life is SO exciting. I see the open road, and I smile.

Your Personal Reflection:
What is your intention for this new year?

(You can see the list of what I de-cluttered for the month of December on the right side of my site.)

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