Join me for the February challenge: Laugh Play Love

Life can get so busy.  We run around all day long, going this way and that, doing and rushing and working, until we’re exhausted.  Then, our head hits the pillow and we crash until the doing and rushing and working starts all over again…

I’m not quite sure where we think we are going and why we think we have to do so darn much and go so darn fast!

And if we keep going at this kind of pace, we may end up missing it.  Missing the moment to laugh. Missing the moment to play.  Missing the moment to love.

The moment to laugh, play, love – is right now.

In slowing down, I find that getting on the floor with my kids is sometimes the best medicine. They notice the little things in life.  They laugh without thinking twice.  They play without inhibitions. They love because they know no other way.  They remind me of what’s truly important in life.  To laugh, play and love – well, It just comes so naturally for them.  And it did for us once, too.

February–the month of love–seems like a great time to lighten up and remember what it feels like to have more fun!

So, I’m inviting you to laugh more, play more and love more, and enjoy the side effects that come from opening your heart.

  • tell a joke
  • do a dance
  • be super silly
  • wear mixed match clothes
  • watch funny movies
  • pull some pranks
  • get messy
  • play games
  • blow bubbles
  • eat candy
  • write love notes
  • try new things
  • be kinder to yourself and others
  • create stuff
  • have fun!

Laugh more.
Play more.
Love more.

I’ll be sharing my month of laughing, playing and loving on my blog.  I would love for you to join me. Capture your Laugh Play Love moments through photos, videos or words, too and feel free to post them on our A Free Spirit Life community page.

And if you share on Twitter, use the hashtag #laughplaylove.

Your Personal Reflection:  Slow down.  Notice the little things.  And see what happens when you laugh, play and love.

If you have a blog, go ahead and grab a badge (just copy the code at the top of this blog’s sidebar).  I’m excited to share this month with you!

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