orange spring tulip

I received quite a few emails and comments over the last few days in response to my Lessons from a Computer Cleanse post and it looks like I’m not the only one fumbling through my days trying to find “time” for it all!  Thanks to those of you who reached out, offered suggestions and shared your own struggles.  I truly believe that when we relate and connect in an authentic way we invite Life to help us expand and grow.
Life doesn’t have to be hard, overwhelming, and full to the brim, yet most of us find ourselves trying to keep our head above water.  There’s just too much to do and not enough time in the day.  So we find ourselves day-in and day-out repeating those old thoughts and patterns…If I only had more moneyIf I only had more timeIf he would just do thisIf she would just do thatI should be doing this...and I really shouldn’t be doing thatI’m not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, thin enough, rich enough and on and on and on…
purple spring flower

And while we are busy telling ourselves all the reasons why we can’t find happiness NOW life is passing us by.  NOW is the time to clear out our mental clutter, because just as there is beauty that comes from clearing out the weeds in the garden, there is beauty inside you waiting to bloom.
spring tulip
As you move through your day today become more aware of the beauty you see around you and within you.  Truly take the time to stop and smell the flowers.  There is wisdom in that beauty, just as there is wisdom in you.

Life is beautiful.  YOU are beautiful.  Let yourself and your dreams bloom, because YOU deserve happiness and YOU have goodness to share with the world.

Your Personal Reflection:  What would you do with your life if time and money were not a concern?  Are you wasting time and energy on negative mental clutter?  What beauty do you see, around you and within you, when you stop to smell the flowers?

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