We agree to consciously set an intention to become bold explorers of our lives, to listen more intently to our inner voices, to honor our unique brilliance and to celebrate our authentic selves.  –Inside Out participants
Today marks the last day of the third session of my Inside Out: A Creative Adventure of Self-Discovery e-course.  I continue to be blown away by the dedication and vibrant energy of these amazing explorers who choose to take this journey with me.  They are filled with hope, courage, inspiration, vulnerability, creativity, compassion, celebration and dreams ready to soar.

Together, we are becoming active participants of our lives, excited to create the lives we love, one small step at a time.  Today, like every day, is a fresh clean slate – the beginning of new opportunities waiting to be explored.

Many of you know that my sweet second baby is due in early October, so I’ll be taking time off to bond and enjoy this new little soul.  The next Inside Out e-course will be offered early 2011.  I know that’s several months from now, but the class fills up quickly.  So if you think you might want to take the course for the first time (or the second, third or fourth!), then enter for your chance to win a spot in the winter session.
All you have to is this:  1)  Join Free Spirit Knits Facebook Fan Page  (If you don’t participate in Facebook, then skip this step.) AND 2) leave a comment on this blog post by Wednesday, July 21st.  I’ll announce the winner next week.  (Please make sure to leave an email address in your comment so I can contact you directly.

Enjoy some of the discoveries and new artwork shared by Inside Out explorers – summer session:

I’ve discovered that there IS enough time, if you make it a priority, to create.

I have learned that I need to continue to do inner work and stay aware of my life.  If I forget to do this my life seems to have less meaning and gets all out of balance.  I think I need to take a life long e-course to remind myself to be aware and follow my heart!

I have learned (at age 40!) that I already have everything I need to make my dreams come true!  It’s only myself that is holding me back, nothing else.

When I started this course I truly thought it would be some nice, relaxing me-time to create and play.  And while it certainly has been that, it has also brought so many things to the surface that had been lying dormant.  I started to see where I want to go in life, with what I have already (my passion and talents for energy healing) and with what I want to create for myself (a loving family that’s near my family).  And talk about a holy crap moment, but I realized that I need to move back east!  That revelation did not come easy, though.  But the journaling really helped me push through my ego, brain and fear!  Pretty darn cool.

I think the biggest discovery is that I have a big fear of being considered too bold, too loud, too anything except for too giving.  I’ll definitely be exploring this as I’m working through the class…and beyond.
I’ve discovered that I spend far more time being on other people’s schedules than I do my own, and I have a deep resentment of it.  I didn’t really realize how much having my day “planned out” for me, based on what other people want to do, really bothers me.  I realize that we all have to do things we might not want to do, but I also realize that it’s OK to say no to some activities and commitments if they don’t align with what I want.

I also discovered that there is great joy in the process and that to be entirely focused on end product not only destroys some of that joy, it also makes a much less interesting end product.  Hmmm…

I’ve discovered that my inner artist was not dead.  She was just trapped under a large piece of furniture!

Your Personal Reflection:  Are you ready to CREATE the life you LOVE?
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