The past few weeks have flown by, with returning from a family vacation, to starting my spring session of Inside Out e-course, to reducing clutter in my home.

So I decided to take a much needed break and enjoy the sunshine with paints and my 2-year-old.  I have my paints ready and set out some for Kestan with his own book.  Ahh, great…everything is perfect.  The birds are singing, not a cloud in the sky, the flowers are in bloom and I’m enjoying a clean patio (that we worked all weekend on!)

But, Kestan had other ideas.  He wanted to paint on mommy’s paper.  At first I could feel a sense of resistance creep up.  “But this is my journal,” I thought.  I took a deep breath and let go of expectations that this was going to be the perfect moment for creating.

As we started painting together, this experience turned into a new assignment for my class participants, which included encouraging them to explore their unique brush strokes.
In fact, Kestan gave me a great idea on how to make cool strokes with an old toothbrush!
I could have easily given up, put all the paints away and gotten frustrated that my perfect moment was ruined.  But instead, letting go of the idea that I must find the perfect moment for creating, I ended up discovering new things about my little boy and myself.  I learned that I still have tendencies to be uptight, despite my practice in letting go and implementing more play into my life.  And I was reminded, once again, that Kestan is my true teacher.
We both got lost in the moment – together.  We played.  We used our imaginations.  We had fun!  And we created something that is imperfectly wonderful.  
Your Personal Reflection:  Do you wait for the perfect moment to create?  Does that moment ever come?  How can you practice creating more in the middle of things, while letting go of perfect?

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