It has been an amazing year…


filled with little adventures,

Water Spray Park

lots of fun,

Open Your Heart
and tons of love.
Newborn Baby Montage

I had the honor of holding my grandmother’s hand as she took her last breath, and just a few months later I gave birth to my second son, Ashton Quinn, as he took his first breath.
Looking Back on 2010

I’ve laughed, cried, grown, expanded, connected, celebrated, created, fallen down, gotten back up, and learned to trust.
Christmas Montage 2010

And while it’s the end of a year…it really is just the beginning…
As I look ahead from this moment I open my heart for the possibilities of what this New Year will bring.  The phrase that resonates most for me right now is simply “to receive.”
I’ll be taking a little time off from my blog to bring in the New Year, celebrate birthdays (Chris’, Kestan’s and mine!), and to prepare for the fourth session of my Inside Out e-course.  (Registration is still open and class starts January 17th.)
But mostly because I need space to breathe, to be and to receive.
I wish you beautiful beginnings and a New Year filled with many blessings.  xo

Your Personal Reflection:  What were some of your highlights and celebrations this past year?  What have you learned about life and about yourself?  What things aren’t serving a purpose in your life anymore and what are you ready to let go of?  Can you hear the messages in your heart?  What word, phrase, intention or feeling comes up for you?

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