We recently took a road trip to Des Moines, Iowa to honor the life of my grandmother.  It was a wonderful, joyous celebration and so nice to see family members I hadn’t seen in years.  This was one of three funerals that week and it sure has us reflecting on life in general and what it means to LIVE it fully and presently.
I’ve been more conscious these days of what it means to connect deeply to the people and experiences in my life.  This moment is only here for now, and will change.  I want to continue living the best life I can live – right now, and not wait for that perfect moment.  Because really, the perfect moment IS now.
Here are a few snapshots of our trip to the Heartland, that I captured in the moment.

Your Personal Reflection:  Life is short.  Is there someone you have been meaning to connect with in your life or something you’ve been meaning to do?  Call them today.  Do it now.  

And here’s a good exercise to try while practicing living in the moment:  Everyone you come in contact with today – look them in the eyes.  See if you can challenge yourself by noticing their eye color.  It’s all too often we move so fast throughout the day that we rarely take the time to do this.  Try it and let me know how it goes!