You love your life, most days. Then there are those days when you feel lost, confused, depleted and overwhelmed.

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You are on a path of awakening and mindfulness.

Yet sometimes you…

  • still put your needs last.
  • feel stuck and want to break free.
  • stay awake worrying about your future.
  • have low energy and long to feel more vibrant and alive.
  • struggle with self-doubt and not feeling “good enough.”
  • have creative ideas and dreams you want to pursue but don’t know how to make time for them in your life.
  • want to take better care of yourself.
  • are ready to move beyond living in an overwhelmed, stressed state of survival and want to step more fully into your own power so you can thrive.
  • are ready to bust through your fear and create a life more connected to your inner peace, presence and purpose.

You are ready to Show Up (in your life) & Shine (in the world)!

Here are a few ways holistic life coaching & mentoring can help:

  • Rediscover what’s important to you and find the courage to make more space for it in your life.  Do you struggle with not feeling “good enough” or let self-doubt, regret or feelings of guilt get in your way?  Life-coaching is a gift that will nurture your soul and help you feel more contentment.
  • Return to a sense of balance and learn how to embrace imperfection.
  • Make your self-care needs a priority in your life, so that you can move beyond living a daily life of stress, overwhelm and depletion.  Let’s work together to create a lifestyle plan that will bring more peace, calm, health and wellness into your daily life.
  • Return to your true nature, reconnect to your inner wisdom and peace and live more fully inline with your purpose.

Are you a busy mom raising kids and feeling either an inner nudge to put some attention towards an interest outside of motherhood?  Or maybe you are ready to slow down, embrace a simpler life and want to experience more peace and presence with your family.

  • Are you a recent empty-nester or mom to adult children and searching for a new sense of meaning? Let’s dream, explore and discover the next step on the path that is right for you.
  • Know you want to pursue a creative dream but feeling confused on where to begin? Let’s work together to create an action plan to help you get clear and focused.
  • Is there a new scary step you are about to take – leaving your job, starting a new business, becoming a mom, going back to work, staying home with your kids, speaking up, taking a big adventure – yet fear and anxiety are getting in your way? Learn powerful tools that will help you turn that fear energy into courage and motivate you to move forward and make your dreams real.

It’s time for you to Show Up & Shine.

The possibilities that manifest from Show Up & Shine Coaching Sessions are truly endless.  The power comes when you make the decision to SHOW UP in your life.

You matter.  Your needs are important.  You are on a new path of self-discovery, self-care and self-love.

I am currently offering a limited amount of one-on-one life-coaching sessions.  These sessions will be done remotely through Skype.  If you live in the Kansas City area, there is also the option to meet in person.

During our time together, I become your mentor, an accountability partner, a listening presence and a supportive, nurturing guide who offers you the space to process and be authentic.  I offer encouragement, inspiration and powerful tools, techniques and love that will bring you in touch with your own inner strength and wisdom.

I’ve been a certified Hatha yoga teacher and holistic life coach for the past 15 years and in that time I’ve mentored and guided hundreds of women through classes, retreats, group and personal coaching.  To learn more about my own journey and passion for teaching, mentoring and life coaching, visit here.

The practice we explore in Show Up & Shine Coaching Sessions will allow for deep healing from the inside out.  You will become more aware and connected to your unlimited life and will feel more courageous and confident to take mindful action towards a new future, while you celebrate and find contentment in this moment.

Are you ready to awaken to the joy of your beautiful, imperfect and unlimited life?

The magic that happens in Show Up & Shine Coaching Sessions is not only life-changing, but because the work is mindful, intentional and personal, it will provide you with amazing tools you can draw on for the rest of your life.

SHOW UP & SHINE COACHING (mini-session): $90

What you get:

  • 30 minute focused and intentional coaching call (recorded).



SHOW UP & SHINE COACHING (one full session): $125

What you get:

  • 60 minute focused and intentional coaching call.



SHOW UP & SHINE COACHING (3-session package): $330

What you get:

  • 3 – 60 minute focused and intentional coaching calls (each one recorded).
  • e-mail support in-between calls and after our final session as needed.

SHOW UP & SHINE COACHING (6-session package): $600

What you get:

  • 6 – 60 minute focused and intentional coaching calls (each one recorded).
  • e-mail support in-between calls and after our final session as needed over the course of 6 sessions as needed.
  • 1 – 10 minute personalized recorded coaching video from me with a review of our time together at the end of the 6 sessions with inspiration to help you stay  motivated and focused.




“Your coaching video was a wonderful piece to get me back on track and I really loved how you broke my messy feelings into simple categories, and really kept the advice simple and doable.  I felt that you were authentically able to relate to me, and that your advice was doable given you are in the throws of motherhood yourself.  Thank you so much for your coaching gift!” ~ Terra

“You know what? When I think of you, I feel peaceful. I am amazed how you handle life in such a peaceful and trusting way! You are so very inspiring. I’m trying hard to stay in a peaceful and trusting place in order to see my life unfold in a way that reflects my inner-self. Not that easy though. But on the other hand, life is so beautiful. I guess I need to produce more yummy stuff for me in order to fill in my creative well and nurture my soul. I am glad I have friends like you that I can rely on to keep me on that wonderful and fulfilling path of creativity in a peaceful way!” ~ Manon

“You are bloody brilliant. I love the way you encourage me to look at the world in such a different way. Thank you for being you!” ~ Barbara

“Thank you for your wonderful heartfelt and wise insights and sharing. I really love the focus and clarity you gain and the vibrancy, love and enthusiasm you bring to life and share with others. It really comes through so much, Shannon. Lots of love to you and your family and sending full gratitude to you for being such a shining star.” ~ Katie

“You are opening something up in me that I didn’t know I needed.  I tried fixing it other ways, with more sleep, more complaining and venting.  Your courses reached me through inspiration and reflection, addressing vital needs that I had ignored for so long and didn’t realize were the root of my struggles.  I’m so excited about my life right now!” ~ Jessaca

“Thank you, Shannon.  Your teaching is nothing short of AMAZING.  I so needed to hear everything that you had to share.  I took pages of colorful notes in my journal to go back to.  I am feeling revved up and empowered, yet still trying to build up my courage as I am in the midst of a very complicated crossroads.” ~ Lisa

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