Next free workshop to be scheduled.


In this free online workshop you will learn how to:

  • start breaking free of the patterns that are keeping you stuck
  • observe your negative thoughts and clear mental clutter.
  • listen to your body and trust your intuition
  • begin creating mindful goals and take action steps with greater clarity, courage and confidence.
  • make space for daily self-care, and prioritize your health and emotional needs (without the guilt).
  • use self-discovery and relaxation techniques to feel more energized and help manage worry and anxiety.
  • practice letting go of self-doubt and perfection, and accept the life you are living and celebrate who you are becoming.
  • awaken to the wisdom of your heart so you can love the life you’re living, and feel more peace and contentment.

If you can’t make it LIVE, no worries.  The workshop replay will be emailed to you.

Special gifts will be available to those who can come for the LIVE workshop – yay!

Join Holistic Life & Spiritual Coach, Shannon Kinney-Düh for this enriching workshop as she shares her best and most manageable tips to reclaim your life again.

Shannon has 20 years experience as a yoga teacher, coach, mentor and teacher and has worked with hundreds of women on their self-discovery journey.  She is passionate (and somewhat obsessed) about guiding women to awaken and remember their own wisdom, beauty and strength.
Shannon’s coaching, guidance and workshops empower you to walk forward mindfully with greater confidence and clarity so you can follow your heart and carve your own paths.  When you open your mind and heart and take mindful actions you will break free of limitations and start to really see and experience that anything is truly possible.

It is possible to stop living a rushed, overwhelmed and stressful life.  It is possible to stop living a life you think is expected of you.  It is possible to put your needs, dreams, health and well-being in the front row and center of your life.

It’s possible to be YOU again – and to love your daily life.

It’s time to live freely.

Are you ready?