The recycle bin is becoming my favorite hot spot for finding perfect painting tools. Nothing around this house is safe from my paints!

As I continue making art every day, I am having a lot of fun being really messy. The more I paint, the messier I get. Feeling freer in my painting has allowed me to reflect on “control” and what that symbolizes in my life. Having Kestan has definitely been a great practice for me in letting go and not taking life so seriously. It’s pretty hard to feel “in control” when I’ve got an almost 2-year-old calling the shots. And how can I be that serious when one of our favorite activities is playing with the fart machine? Now that’s some quality homeschooling right there.

This painting acts as my reminder that I don’t always have to feel “in control”, and that lots of good can come from being messy. I am allowing myself to stress less, clean less, PLAY more and it feels amazing.

Your Personal Reflection: When do you let yourself get messy? Do something really messy today, and leave the mess for a while. Seriously, enjoy being a little out of control. Do something really messy…play in the mud, eat with your hands, finger paint, start a food fight… See how you feel when you allow yourself to stay in the mess.

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