I celebrated my birthday over the weekend.  I had a great time with my favorite people, eating my way through the day. It started with a slow morning at home.  My husband made me breakfast and I enjoyed coffee time with my new Yoga Journal magazine.  Later in the day we ventured to a quaint vegan cafe where I had the yummiest hot cocoa with whipped cream – perfect on a winter’s day with the high of 16 degrees! The night ended playing ping-pong, games and pizza night at my mom’s house. (I also had a little “spill” that night that has humbled me.  I’ll share about it in my next post.)
I received a very awesome gift that supports my need to reduce clutter; create space in 2010, as well as support my desire to make One Small Change each month.  My husband cut 12, 12×12 pieces of reclaimed wood and cardboard for a series of paintings I want to work on.  I’m so excited about this because just having the pieces ready to go has given me the SPACE needed to paint.  And, using recycled wood is a perfect compliment to my quest to not purchase art materials, but to use what I have in creative ways.
As you can see, Kestan has his own creative idea on how to use the wood.
So the way I’m choosing to reduce clutter this month, and make some earth friendly changes, is to organize what I have, donate what doesn’t serve a happy purpose for me anymore, reuse supplies and materials in creative ways, and avoid buying anything new.
Thanks to each of you who are joining me on this reduce clutter journey.  I’m happy to see so many of you dedicated to making more space for what matters most in your life.  I am planning to make a web page dedicated for the reduce clutter; create space explorers, but in the meantime, learn more HERE, and feel free to join us!
I raise my second cup of vegan hot cocoa to you and wonder:
Your Personal Reflection:  What one small change are you willing to make this month to reduce clutter and create space for what matters most?

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