Maybe it’s the time of year, but it seems like many of us are in desperate need of clearing out our closets and dresser drawers.  It seems like the perfect time to conquer our clothes!  For all of you participating in Reduce Clutter; Create Space 2010, this will be our “loose” theme for March.  Feel free to clear clothes along with us, or if you are feeling inspired to reduce clutter in another part of your life, then definitely go for it!  Share your journeys with us on the Reduce Clutter Forum.
This can be a very daunting task.  Let me share what worked for me yesterday.  I was surprised to see how quickly I was able to get through the piles.  I gave myself one hour and set an intention to “clear out my closet.”  I pulled everything out – plastic bins, clothes on hangers, shoes, and purses…
Then I made three piles: one to KEEP, one to DONATE, and one to REPURPOSE.  If I hadn’t worn the item within the last two years, and if it didn’t make me smile or feel good when I looked at it, then it went straight to the donate pile.
I ended up with two large trash bags of more clothes to donate (I’ve done this about 4 times in the last 6 months!)
I kept my repurpose pile very small, with only two items, a wool sweater that shrunk, and a cool vintage purse that I want to embellish.  That’s it, though.  Only two.  Because I’m trying to be very mindful not to reduce one pile, to then create a new pile somewhere else.  I do not need several projects waiting for me.  If I don’t get to these projects in three months time, then I’m moving them back to the donate pile.

For those of you with little helpers, include them in your project.  What a great lesson for them to learn, and I found my little guy to be a great sorter!  I packed up my winter clothes (even though it’s only 26 degrees today – I’m sick of sweaters!), and pulled out my spring cloths to be washed.

My one small change goal for this month is to not buy any new clothes or shoes until I reduce the current cloths and shoes I have by half!  I’m also going to get more creative with the cloths I do have, and will explore things like “clothes swaps” with my friends, creative recycling and sewing to make them fresh and new.

Please share any creative clothing recycling ideas you have!  And remember, reducing clutter is hard work.  You don’t have to do it alone!  Join the other reduce clutter explorers so we can help each other along the way.

Also, does anyone know of organizations that are collecting good t-shirts for Haiti, or others who are in need?

And for those of you participating in Hip Mountain Mama’s One Small Change efforts, check out her March giveaway.  Here’s a hint: Inside Out E-Course!

Your Personal Reflection:  What do your closets and drawers look like?  How can you reduce your clothing clutter?  What small environmentally friendly changes can you make this month, as we get closer to Earth day?