Hey YOU.  I’m on a road trip for a family wedding but I wanted to post a quick update.

Many of you have expressed your interest in my newest e-course, Mothering with heART. And I’m SO grateful and happy about that.  But I wanted to let you know that this course will not be ready by the dates I had originally stated.

Some of you also mentioned that you were waiting to take this course instead of Inside Out.  So if you are one of those people, please know that Mothering with heART won’t be offered as an e-course until at least after the first of the year.  I’ll explain why soon.  And there will be some other fun things we can do together that relate to this class.

So sorry about that.  Sometimes you just gotta slow down and not rush the process…

If this news happens to change your mind about signing up for Inside Out:  A Creative Adventure of Self-Discovery, you can still register by this Monday, September 12th. Class starts that day.

Big hugs and I’ll see you next week after we do lots of playing, dancing and cake eating!

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