There is more to life than increasing its speed.

~ Mahatma Gandhi

I had intentions this evening to share with you some fears I’ve been working through and new reflections I’ve discovered.

But I’ve let that go.

Instead, I’m choosing to honor my need to embrace a slower pace.

Because you know what?  I’m tired. I’m pregnant with my third baby, and I just don’t have the energy I’m used to.  And I’ve been reminded once again that life gives us many opportunities to practice…

letting go.

So after a busy weekend of putting love and attention into our home and yard, I’m checking fewer things off the list this week. I’m moving slower.  And I’m loving just playing and painting and messy around in the sunshine with my boys.

And before I make my way to bed, I want to announce the winners of the exciting Mothering with heART give-away from the last post.

The randomly drawn winners are…

Noemie won a spot in the upcoming e-course, Sexy, Raw & Radiant.
Debbie won a spot in the upcoming e-course, Dream Lab.
Amy won a copy of the book and magazine, Sacred Pregnancy.
Joy won a copy of the e-book, “How to Navigate your Biz While Staying True to You.
Kerry won a $25 gift certificate for the online store, Hip Mountain Mama.
Karen won a copy of the e-book, Lemonade & Fireflies.
Gerri won a copy of the zine Glitter & Grunge.
Erin won 4 100% cotton naturally dyed handkerchiefs from Hand Grown Life.
Kirsty won a spot in my e-course, Mothering with heART.


I will contact each of you directly with more details.  Congratulations!

Your Personal Reflection:

How do you honor your need to take breaks and to move at a slower pace?


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