I started writing in my first journal several years ago.  I remember when I was around 12-years-old and my family was going through some rough times, my uncle gave me a journal and told me he’d pay me $1 for each entry I wrote, up to $15.  I think I wrote 15 entries in just a few short days.  Nothing like having the motivation of getting paid to write!  That experience introduced me to the world of exploring my deeper self through words.  I’ve written in a journal off and on ever since.

About 12-years ago I read The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron and that’s when I fell in love with what she calls “morning pages.”  It’s basically writing, as much as you can, first thing in the morning.  Writing without thinking about it.  That was a new concept for me when I first started. It was hard to not think.  But the more I practiced the easier it came.  My writings were filled with questions, reflections, confusions, frustrations, and celebrations.  The more I wrote, the more clarity I discovered.


After finishing The Artist’s Way, I didn’t write morning pages everyday, but I did visit my journal regularly.  My journals have become my old friends.  I can look back at them and see where I’ve come from.  I can see my struggles.  I can see my patterns.  I can see my self-doubts.  I can see my fears.  I can see how I longed to be me, to live a life that was true to my nature – one where I felt alive, vibrant and free.


Through writing, I have created visual reminders in my journal.  I can return to them when I’m lost and confused.  I can trust them, and they help me awaken to that place that I know is always there.
I now can say I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, and I believe my journaling practice has helped me get here.

My journal used to be much more black and white.  I would paint and sketch from time-to-time, but mostly I loved the freedom of a simple black pen on white paper.  It’s only more recently that I discovered my great passion and joy for art journaling.  I now merge my love of free-form (no thinking) writing, with my love for intuitive (no thinking) painting, to express a deeper side of myself.


I journal because it makes me feel safe.  I journal because it helps me build strength.  I journal because I discover new dreams.  I journal because it helps me find peace of mind. I journal because it gets me out of my head and connected to my heart.  I journal because I long to go deeper.  I journal to learn more about me and this life I’m living.  I journal to stay grounded.

I journal to explore my creativity.


I journal to stay true to myself.




I journal because it helps me create the life I love.


I journal because it reminds me that all of the answers I ever need in life are within me, and that I am right where I need to be.

(*Photos from Inside Out e-course.)


Today marks the last day of my November challenge, Thirty Days of Giving Thanks.  
I simply love this practice of gratitude and I see how it makes me feel more positive and happy when I focus on sharing my thanks with others.  Thanks to those of you who participate with me.  I appreciate the comments and emails I received from you throughout the month!


Today, I give thanks to those who have helped support me through my own self-discovery journey – which is pretty much everyone I’ve ever come in contact with!


Your Personal Reflection:  Do you journal?  If so, why do you journal?  If you’ve never tried journaling, what other self-discovery tools do you practice that help you create a life YOU love?


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