When is a time you put yourself out there – you know – where you took a risk that felt exciting but that also felt…scary?

We’ve all faced fears throughout our lives – some bigger than others. Some we faced because we challenged ourselves and some because we had no choice.

I recently “put myself out there” in what felt like an exciting but scary way, when I recently hosted my first Facebook LIVE workshop. It felt amazing to get to connect with my community in REAL time. The energy was authentic and inspiring for us all.

And that’s why I’ve decided to host a FREE 8-day e-course in my new A Free Spirit Life private community.

Join us June 1st – 8th for this FREE mini-course!

Every day during the 8 day course, at 10 a.m. C.S.T. I will hop on our private group Facebook page and chat with you through LIVE video streaming. Each day we’ll explore a new topic from The Live Freely Workshop.

Can’t make it at that time? No worries. The videos will be recorded each day on our Facebook wall, so you can view them on your own time and in your own schedule.

I’m SO excited!

Starting June 1st we will explore 8 powerful tools on how to help you feel more joy, ignite your creativity and cultivate the courage needed to live an authentic, imperfect and more peaceful life!

Simply CLICK HERE  to join our FREE private group, and The Live Freely Workshop 8 day e-course will start there on June 1st!

No holding back. No hesitation. No more letting self-doubt, fear or worry keep you from living your dreams. It’s time to say yes to adventures.

YOUR time is now…
love Shannon

RAVES from The Live Freely Workshop:

“I just listened to your workshop, and loved every minute of it, Shannon! Like you, I am a recovering perfectionist, and I get upset and impatient with myself for working on the same issues again and again. So, what really resonated with me was “Trust the process.” Trust that every step I make towards allowing myself to live and express my creativity will bring me closer to being my authentic self and live freely. Thank you for this workshop, your passion in shining the light and helping women live authentic lives comes through so beautifully and clearly.” ~ Iris

“Lots of great tips but what resonated most for me was ‘be gentle with yourself’! I am learning to offer myself the same kind of love and care I bestow on everyone else.” ~ Diva

“So many valuable nuggets from today’s workshop! This statement is speaking loudly to me as I’m on the precipice of taking some big risks: “Don’t let fear make you feel paralyzed…think of fear as an energetic friend that’s there to push you through to taking mindful action towards your dreams.” Thank you, Shannon, for shining your light with us today.” ~ Lisa

“Yesterday’s workshop was amazing I love and cherish you Shannon and all you share with us. I had soooooo much swimming through my mind last night…but came to a realization of a true goal……… I will share soon.” ~ Barbara

“Shannon, I so enjoyed the workshop. I am so jazzed now. I am signing up for the next session. How could I not? You are such an inspiration and your energy will ignite my life! I always have so much fun in your inside out courses and the timing is perfect for where I am in my life right now. I look forward to being part of the “posse.” Thank you for the invitation to grow, experience more bliss and make some new friends! You enhance our lives and help us grow into our true selves.”
~ Jan

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