I’ve been playing in the art room a lot these days with the boys and when Kestan asked to make valentines, it reminded me of a fun project I posted a few summers ago.  My friend Megan and I created these together and I think they would make the best gifts for Valentine’s Day!

Paper Bag Heart Pillows – Supplies:

*paper bags

*simple art supplies – markers, paints, crayons

* stapler or hot glue gun


*sponges and other textured stuff

Step 1:  Cut two hearts the same size out of your paper bags.

Step 2:  Crinkle the paper hearts in your hand.

This gives the hearts great texture for painting.

Step 3:  Take a sponge or brush and paint a background color on each heart.

Step 4:  Now the fun really begins.  Add your personality to your heart and play with lines, swirls, and doodles.  If you have trouble getting started, take the side of a crayon and rub it over the surface of your heart.  Play like a child would – without thinking about what you’re doing.  Just explore colors, lines and shapes. You’ll surprise yourself if you stop worrying about the final outcome and simply enjoy playing with your supplies!  Get messy and have fun.

Step 5:  When you are finished designing both sides of your heart, staple, glue or hot glue the sides together. (Of course make sure your colorful creations are facing out on both sides.)  Stop half-way through gluing and stuff some crinkled paper scraps inside your heart pillow.  Finish sealing the heart. (Idea:  Stuff if with a secret note for your valentine.  Or write a love note on the back of the heart and add some wire so your valentine can hang it up. Or make one for yourself and write all the things you love about YOU and place it inside the heart.)

Step 6: Post photos of your hearts on our A Free Spirit Life community page!

Your Personal Reflection:  Show love towards yourself today, and share that love with all those you meet.

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