Our trip to Colorado was fantastic.  I stayed off the computer for the entire week.  Looks like Kestan had a harder time unplugging than I did.  Here he is in the middle of a mountain trail talking on his “stick” phone to all his peeps.  Seriously, he had full conversations, calling all of our family members.  It was hysterical hearing him describe his mountain experience to the person on the other line, “Hi Nana.  I just saw bird poop on a rock.”
He got some pretty bad altitude sickness on our third day there, which kept us bound to lower elevation.  I had to let go of any expectations I had about the trip, and despite some sleepless nights with a sick child, (Being a mom doesn’t stop when we’re on vacation – does it?) we found many fun things to do in the town of Boulder, including a fabulous day trip to Eldorado Canyon State Park.
I’m really excited to share some of the amazing photos my husband took.  In the meantime, though, I thought I’d show you a glimpse of our adventure through the eyes of my Iphone.
Your Personal Reflection:  What everyday adventures are you inviting into your life?

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