Do you ever feel like you want to crawl into bed with a quilt, stack of books, hot tea and get away from it all?

That’s what happens to me in the winter. In this season, I feel called to hibernate, to rest, reflect and renew.

This is a season to go within, to slow down and yet, our holiday time can get chaotic and stressful.

In this show, I am sharing my own personal journey of allowing my path to unfold, rather than forcing it to happen.  That it’s ok to be in the mess of life.  And rather than getting consumed by the busy of this holiday season, how I’d like to be more intentional, make more mindful choices and listen to my intuition.

This is the season of giving and receiving love.  How will you choose to experience this season?

Just for today, I choose love.  How about you?


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Thanks for listening and for sharing!


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